Little People Big World: Did Audrey Roloff Steal The Idea For Latest Book

Little People Big WorldLittle People Big World spoilers, news, and updates tease that some fans are questioning the authenticity of Audrey Roloff’s latest book. There are those who claim that she and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, stole the idea from another author.

Earlier this year, Audrey and Jeremy announced the release of “Memories of Christmas.” A few people claimed that the book is similar to Korie Herold’s 2019 book titled Our Christmas Story: A Modern Christmas Memory Book.

Some Redditors have started a discussion about this topic. They pointed out the similarities in their exterior appearances. Both books have gold lettering on their deep pine green covers. Both books have three primary divisions on their table of contents, and the layouts are similar.

Some followers start to wonder if the couple lifted the idea from Herold’s book. However, there are also those who defended the Roloffs and claimed that there are other books that were similar, too. It was also pointed out that Audrey was a follower of Herold, adding to the suspicions of many.

Little People Big World – Fans Slam Audrey For Thoughtless Memorial Post

This isn’t the first time that Audrey is in the hot seat. Recently, fans called her out once again for her tacky post while attending the memorial service of Ronald Roloff. Many fans believe that she shouldn’t be making money off her husband’s late grandfather.

Audrey decided to post as much as she could during the memorial service of Jeremy’s grandfather on her Instagram Story. Many of the show’s followers think she’s tacky and heartless. Many of them feel that Audrey can’t keep anything private even if the situation calls for it.

Little People Big World – Audrey Roloff Shares Photos of Radley’s Birthday

On a lighter note, Audrey also posted short videos of her baby boy’s fish-themed birthday party. Radley can be seen sitting in a high chair while staring at his cake. There were blue and white balloons, photos of the toddler, and other fish props were hung behind.

There was also a small sign that said, “Radley is o’ fishally the big one.”

They also had a family picture with Audrey, Jeremy, Ember, Bode, and the birthday boy, Radley.

“Reeling in the big ONE for our Radley who is o’fishally one,” the reality TV star captioned the post.

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