Joy-Anna Duggar Accused Of Joining ‘Counting On’ Dad Jim Bob In Exploiting Child For Profit!

Joy-Anna DuggarJoy-Anna Duggar often posts to her family’s YouTube channel. But the “Counting On” star’s recent video about her son Gideon sparked controversy. And some believe that Joy-Anna has followed her father Jim Bob Duggar’s lead in exploiting kids to make money! 

Find out what the “Counting On” star just revealed about Gideon in a new YouTube video. And see what critics say about how Joy-Anna compares to Duggar patriach Jim Bob. Then we hope you’ll take time to share YOUR views with us about the latest Duggar family scandal! 

Joy-Anna Duggar Posts Son’s Learning Struggles On YouTube

“Counting On” alum Joy-Anna Forsyth (née Duggar) loves sharing her family tales on her YouTube channel, Follow The Forsyths, reported In Touch. Recently, Joy-Anna shared that her son Gideon Forsyth struggles with being a “little bit behind” on his learning skills. As a result, the “Counting On” star, 24, took him to a professional to test his abilities. 

“We went ahead and scheduled a screening test for Gideon,” Joy-Anna explained in one of her YouTube channel videos. “For a few months now, I’ve kind of had a few concerns about his learning. I feel like he’s a little bit behind.” And to address those concerns, the ninth child of Michelle Duggar worked with an instructor.

As Joy-Anna shared in her video, the teacher recommended working on Gideon’s language skills. And the “Counting On” star learned how to help her son, such as coloring and scissoring skills. Those home exercises will help Joy-Anna achieve the goals that she and her husband Austin Forsyth have set for 2022. “Something we decided to do this next year is at the beginning of each month we’re going to talk about our goals for that month, and I think that’ll help us stay more motivated on our long-term goals as well,” she revealed. 

Joy-Anna Duggar Faces Criticism Over YouTube Video

But although Joy-Anna Duggar may sincerely want to help her son, she faced a backlash over publicizing her son’s learning struggles on YouTube. As Instagram influencer Katie Joy wrote in a “Without A Crystal Blog” post“Joy Anna Duggar is click baiting Gideon’s developmental delays. She’s worried that he’s falling behind in some areas in communication & cognitive skills. The good news is that she took him to a real therapy center. The bad news is that she filmed his screening.”

And the Instagram influencer then criticized Joy-Anna for the same reasons that her parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar used to get slammed: Exploiting a child’s private life to make money. “She should not be turning around and exploiting her son. Viewers don’t need to see his assessment for profit. I understand wanting to share, but doing so to earn money is the exact same reason she felt violated by the media. But Joy, please stop the cycle,” begged Katie Joy.

Tell us what you think. Do you believe that Joy-Anna Duggar should stop posting about her children on YouTube? And after you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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