Jenna Duggar Moves On from ‘Counting On,’ Earns 6-Figure Payday

Jenna Duggar Counting On may be a thing of the past, but the Duggars can still roll with the big dogs. For example, t2-year-old Jana Duggar recently hit paydirt with a six-figure real estate deal in Arkansas.

According to Pop Culture, the Counting On veteran recently sold a property in Springdale, Arkansas for $200,000 for a profit of $105,000. Continue reading and we’ll tell you the details behind the deal.

Jana Duggar – Achieves Financial Independence

In April 2016, Jenna Duggar bought the Arkansas property for $95,000 and then sold it on March 31, to the real estate company Mancia Properties, per The Sun. Prior to the sale, the former TLC personality rented the home to a company called “Lomok.”

And though the budding business owner is no longer the landlord of the property, she has owned the real estate company Arbor Acres Group since April 11, 2019. The Sun revealed in September 2020 that the eldest daughter of the Duggar clan was financially independent of the rest of the family.

Jenna Duggar  – Still Living At Home With Parents

Though Jana is the eldest daughter of the 20 Duggar children, she still lives with her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. The Duggar patriarch made his fortune in real estate and now has a business worth $6.2 million reported The Sun in July 2021.

Jana has been off the radar since making headlines in December 2021 after pleading not guilty to a charge of endangering the welfare of a minor. Counting On fans may recall that the charge stems from when the former reality TV personality was babysitting children and one of them happened to wander outside unattended.

A neighbor called the police, and a citation was given but investigators later decided that the incident was accidental and not a result of neglect. Though Jana had a court date set for January 10, 2022, the case was settled beforehand.

Amy Duggar – Tells Jim Bob And Michelle ‘Watch Your Own Children’

According to Pop Culture, Jana’s cousin Amy Duggar accused Jim Bob and Michelle of taking advantage of their daughter, tweeting, “I believe that if you are a parent, you should watch your own children. It’s not right to always have someone else watching them for you.”

Unfortunately, Counting On was canceled in 2021 after the eldest Duggar son, Josh was arrested on child pornography charges. He’s now awaiting sentencing after being found guilty in December 2021. Originally scheduled for April of this year, the sentencing has been postponed until May.

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