Is Anyone In The Family Of Eliza Fletcher A Murder Suspect?

Eliza FletcherEliza Fletcher disappeared while jogging last week, and the young Pre-K school teacher was reported to have been kidnapped. After the initial news reports arrived, folks thought that her family might be involved, as apparently, some evidence was taken away from the home. So, is anyone from her family a suspect in the case?

Eliza Fletcher – Was Found Dead – Suspect Arrested

After being abducted at 4.00 am, police found her phone and a water bottle near the University of Memphis campus. When the public heard that her grandfather was the wealthy co-owner of Orgill Inc. and that she was an heiress, suspicions of kidnapping for ransom arose. Actually, the police acted really fast, and soon, the driver of the vehicle that abducted Eliza was detained. However, Cleotha Abston is not cooperating.

When the news arrived that a body was found, initial reports couldn’t confirm that it was Eliza Fletcher. Well, it didn’t take long before the sad news arrived that the appeal for information from her family came too late. In fact, she was found dead in an empty building. While Cleotha Abston’s a suspect, some people wondered about the family. Reportedly, cops seized some family items as part of their investigation.

The Family Of Eliza Fletcher Suspected Of Murder?

The husband of the deceased teacher apparently lawyered up. So, people wondered if he was being investigated over the murder. As the rumor spreads that her husband, Richard ‘Richie’ Fletcher III might have been involved, District Attorney Steven J. Mulroymade a statement about it. As shared by Without A Crystal Ball, folks seemed relieved to hear that nobody from the family is a suspect.

Is Anyone In The Family Of Eliza Fletcher A Murder Suspect
Via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Katie Joy quoted Multory when he talked about the family of  Eliza Fletcher. He said, “despite speculation online there is no reason to believe the family is involved.” Additionally, “the crime is an isolated attack by a stranger.” Actually, even if they did seize some things from the family home, the police had to act swiftly. Did you know that abductions need very fast responses if they are to find the victims alive?

Eliza Fletcher –  Social Media Comments

In the comments, a follower familiar with the Eliza Fletcher case told others who didn’t know that people thought Richie Fletcher was involved, what the problem was. They said, “The rumor was her husband had her murdered. There is zero evidence that suggests that theory is correct.”

Another follower said, “Another terrible tragedy. Will this ever stop? ?.” Well, sadly, it probably won’t ever stop. As the suspect had some serious convictions for similar crimes as a juvenile, clearly, rehabilitating people from a world of violent crime is not as easy as it might seem.

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