Why Is Abducted Eliza Fletcher Something Of A Celeb?

Eliza Fletcher Eliza Fletcher isn’t a familiar face on television, but she seems to be a household name since her abduction on Friday. Her disappearance on Friday morning near the University of Memphis campus shocked a lot of people. Once again, it seems as if a woman was targeted who become a celeb because their story arouses emotions and anger at crime.

Eliza Fletcher – Abduction Gets A Lot Of Attention

When Gabby Peitio went missing, most people who followed her story had never heard of her before. However, by the time her accused killer, Brian Laundrie was found dead, millions of people knew almost everything about her. Actually, it’s a classic story of becoming a celebrity for all the wrong reasons. Hopefully, the latest abduction doesn’t end in such a tragic way.

Like Sophie Long, hopefully, Eliza Fletcher is reunited with her loved ones. Back in 2021, followers of the news found some similarities to Gabby Petito as Sophie simply disappeared. However, the main difference was that Sophie was just a child. Eventually, she was found alive, although outside of the USA. In that case, her father was arrested.

Eliza Fletcher – Is A Celeb Of Sorts

The Memphis resident isn’t known as a celeb, but The Daily Beast might have found a good reason why someone abducted the mom of two young kids. Married to Richard ‘Richie’ Fletcher III, she’s a Pre-K school teacher. If you don’t know, the outlet noted that she was out jogging when “assailants in a dark SUV pulled up and violently forced her into the car.” It went down at about four in the morning, and a missing person report was filed at about 7 AM.

Why Is Abducted Eliza Fletcher Something Of A Celeb
Eliza Fletcher / Instagram

Is there a motive to abduct Eliza Fletcher? Well, it turns out that the outlet discovered a link with a billionaire. They reported that she’s “the heiress to the Orgill Inc. fortune; as of 2020, the business is worth over $3.2 billion and ranks at 143 on the Forbes list of America’s largest private companies.” Apparently, her grandfather, Joseph Orgill III ran the massive company before he died.

Eliza Fletche – Progress on The Case

Eliza Fletcher might have been abducted for ransom. In that case, hopefully, the police can find her alive. WRG News Channel 3 reported on YouTube, that a person was arrested after being seen in the vehicle used for the abduction. Meanwhile, her family believes that someone out there must know some details. So, they called for people to come forward.

Across social media, there are many eyes on the case, and lots of people send in their prayers and hope that she is safely returned home. On Instagram, where she has over 3K followers, messages of concern pour in. It seems that most people have no idea that she’s a celeb of sorts potentially worth a lot of money. To them, she’s a teacher, a mom, and a likable person in their community.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Eliza Fletcher right now. Come back here often for more updates about stories in the news.

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