Hilaria Baldwin Instagram Warns Alec Baldwin Of ‘Devil Creeping In’

Hilaria BaldwinAlec Baldwin doesn’t lack for topics to consider as he celebrates his 64th birthday. For instance, the actor might want to muse about how he will welcome yet another child with pregnant wife Hilaria Baldwin. Or perhaps Alec may choose to focus on filming his new movie, in which he plays Santa Claus. But if Hilaria chooses the topic, she thinks that her husband should turn his attention to watching out for evil!

Find out what Hilaria just wrote on her Instagram to wish her famous husband happy birthday. And see why the pregnant yoga instructor seems so concerned about Alec’s future. Get the latest news about Hilaria and Alec Baldwin below! 

Hilaria Baldwin – Wishes Alec Baldwin Happy Birthday On Instagram

Instagram has become a way for Hilaria Baldwin to stay in touch with her followers. And so when she wanted to share birthday wishes for her husband Alec Baldwin, the yoga instructor did so via social media. In a lengthy Instagram post, Hilaria alternated between positive thoughts and some rather dark images.

In her caption accompanying a red carpet photo of Alec and Hilaria, Baldwin’s wife wrote, “You ask me from time to time, in your darkest, saddest moments, if I were to know all of what we would go through, 11 years ago when we met, would I walk away? You apologize through tears as to what some of this famous life has brought. You feel as though you roped me into being a sitting target. I don’t see it this way and the answer to your question is: I’d do it a million times, Alec.”

Recalling how the couple has gone from joy to sorrow, from laughter to heartbreak, Hilaria shared her happiness with her role as Baldwin’s wife and mother to his children. “The joyful moments, the scary moments, the passion, the sadness, the amazing people, the frustration, the confusion, the adventure, the laughter…the being a wife and a mother. Yes, Alec…I’d sign up for it, again and again.”

And Hilaria also explained the significance of the photo that she posted. “I know that life is both sweet and bitter. Here you are, in this photo, at the beginning of our relationship, holding me tight. I was so nervous with all those cameras. But it was safe and stable, as I leaned back, in your arms.”

Hilaria Baldwin – Warns Alec Baldwin To Beware ‘The Devil’!

But amid his wife wishing him a joyful birthday as she looks back on their relationship, Alec Baldwin also got a warning from Hilaria Baldwin. “On your birthday, may I remind you, as your best friend, to live life. Those who truly know you, who know your heart, your courage, your fears, your weaknesses, your strengths and your joys…we want you to live and enjoy each moment. Dial down the negative noise. It is a distraction from what life is about.Hilaria Baldwin


And Hilaria cautioned her husband to beware of “the devil creeping in in an attempt to cheapen your time on earth.” But the yoga instructor did not directly reference the Rust movie tragedy that resulted in a death.  

However, she did hint at the scandal. “You are a man who has lived amazing moments, given to so many, and have suffered incredible pain that has left such a visible mark of trauma.”

In closing, Hilaria shared her love and birthday wish for her husband. “We are here to help you heal and get back to YOU, as we all love you, Alec…me, your children, your family, your friends…and so many people who are reading this now. We want you to celebrate life and live it to its fullest. You deserve this and so much more. We love you and happy birthday.”

Tell us what you think. Do you think that Hilaria Baldwin made the right decision to avoid directly referencing the Rust movie tragedy? And after you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more celebrity news.

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