EastEnders Reveals Aftermath of Phil Mitchell’s Shocking Return

EastEnders Reveals Aftermath of Phil Mitchell’s Shocking ReturnEastEnders spoilers and updates tease that the show revealed the aftermath of Phil Mitchell’s (Steve McFadden) shocking return to the cobbles. He has survived the threat of his life in prison thanks to a deal he made with DI Keeble (Alison Newman).

News Spreads About Phil’s Death

Last week, it seemed that the resident had met his demise in prison after getting killed by his fellow prison inmates. Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) learns that Phil is dead after a prison attack. She delivers the devastating news to Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) but tells her to keep it together.

Sharon plans to launch Peggy’s without any hitch to fulfill Phil’s last wish. The launch is a success, but Sam gets furious later on when she realizes that Phil didn’t leave her with a goodbye letter. As for Sharon, she continues to hand out the letters Phil wrote for specific people including Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace).

Sam, Sharon, and Kat grieve the loss of Phil during the launch of Peggy. As Sam tries to urge Kat to sign over the control of Peggy’s, Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) arrives and questions the women why they haven’t told him about what happened to Phil. He then opens the door to reveal Phil standing at the stairs, which leaves everyone who thought he was dead, shocked and speechless at the unexpected sight.

Phil Learns About Kat’s Bar Deal

Sam will fear that Phil knows about her plans when Phil makes a toast to Peggy. Kat tells him that she’s signing over the bar but Phil declines and says that he’s back in control. Kat wonders how Phil got out of prison and later on realizes that perhaps he made a deal.

Phil swears Kat to secrecy about his deal and learns that the latter moved back into No. 31 after their split. He tries to mend their relationship but Kat insists that there’s no turning back.

Phil Learns About Sharon’s True Feelings

Sharon tries to talk to Phil but they always get interrupted, mostly by Keeble who constantly reminds Phil about their deal. Tensions rise when Sharon visits Kat. The former drops some harsh words and calls Sharon out over her feelings for Phil. The latter shows up during their heated argument and overhears that Sharon still loves him.

Phil confronts her about her true feelings, leaving Sharon unsure what to say. Will she admit how she truly feels towards him? And does Phil feel the same?

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