Duggar Family News: Is Jinger Too Thin? Tight Pants Have Fans Concerned

Duggar FamilyDuggar Family news reveals that after seeing Jinger Vuolo‘s newest posts on social media, some fans think that she has gotten too thin and they are concerned about her. Jinger has always been on the thin side, but as she gets older, it looks as if she just keeps losing weight and this has her fans really worried about her health. Is she okay?

Duggar Family – Jinger Duggar’s Wardrobe Pushes Fans To Worry

Ever since Jinger got married and moved out of the Duggar home, she has been quick to defy the rules of dressing modestly. She has started to wear tight pants, short dresses, skirts, and even clothing that shows off a lot more skin than her parents ever allowed her to. In her latest post on Instagram, she is seen wearing an adorable blouse with tight pants. She has sunglasses on and her hair is in a ponytail.

This picture stemmed a lot of comments from her fans and they were very worried that she is not doing well. She has always talked about how she has issues with food and her weight and at one point in her life, she did suffer from an eating disorder. Fans are scared that she may have stepped back into those ways and may be battling the eating disorder yet again.

Duggar Family – Fans React

Jinger’s fans began to comment on her new picture and many of them are worried about her weight and her health. One wrote that “she doesn’t look well” and there were many fans that agreed. Another wrote, “Poor Jinger, I really hope Jeremy is supporting her through this.” Jinger has been wrestling with her weight and body image for decades. She feels that even though she is in shape, she always feels like she needs to lose weight.

We hope that Jinger’s health is alright. It is pretty concerning to see how thin she is these days and if she is fighting with an eating disorder again, we hope that she has the support of her family through it all.

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