DOOL Spoilers: Jada And Eric’s New Romance, Nicole Fumes and Plots

Days Of Our Lives: Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu) Days of Our Lives Spoilers tease new police officer Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu) is making some big first impressions both professionally and personally. She jumped head first into the Abigail DiMera (Marci Miller) murder investigation, bringing Sarah Horton Linsey Godfrey in for questioning on her first day.

On the personal front, she met Eric Brady (Greg Vaughn) and the two of them seem to have hit it off. But that certainly won’t sit well with Nicole Hernandez (Arianna Zucker), who is telling everyone that she no longer has romantic feelings for her ex-husband.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Jada Hunter’s On-The-Job Interview!

After Lucas Horton (Bryan Datillo) remembered seeing Sarah at the DiMera Mansion the night of Abigail’s murder, Jada brought Sarah in for questioning. Jada was polite but firm as she interrupted Sarah’s wedding to Xander Cook (Paul Tefler) and Sarah agreed to go to the station for questioning.

Sarah told Jada about the drugs she had been given which caused hallucinations. Jada believed that Sarah could have killed Abigail while having one of her episodes. Jada didn’t have enough to arrest Sarah, but Commissioner Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gerring) was impressed enough to offer Jada a job on the force!

DOOL Spoilers – Enter Eric Brady, Fellow Runner!

According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, Jada’s father was an old friend of Steve Johnson’s (Stephen Nichols). Jada met Steve and Kayla Johnson (Mary Beth Evans) for lunch at the Brady Pub. They were soon joined by Eric with whom Jada soon realized they shared a passion for running. Eric offered to show Jada some of the best spots and Jada was certainly interested. Jada was seemingly quite smitten with Eric which didn’t go unnoticed by Kayla. So, look for Eric and Jada to meet up very soon to go running together where they will certainly realize that they enjoy each other’s company quite a bit.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Nicole Hernandez Won’t Be Happy To Hear About Jada Hunter

Things don’t stay quiet for long in Salem, so look for Nicole to learn quite a bit about Jada in the coming days. First, Rafe will certainly be singing the praises of his new recruit. But when Nicole learns that Eric and Jada are getting along so well, she will do her best to hide her jealousy. But Nicole is married to Rafe now, so she has business interfering in Eric’s personal life. But that won’t stop her from trying. Look for Nicole to find ways to keep Eric and Jada apart even though she should be focusing on starting a new life with her husband!

DOOL Spoilers – What Do You Think?

Will Jada and Eric become more than friends? Will Nicole be able to hide her jealousy? Will she try to find ways to keep Jada and Eric far away from each other? Anything can happen in Salem so stay tuned to Days of Our Lives airing weekdays on NBC. And don’t forget to check back right here regularly for all your Days of Our Lives news, information, and spoilers!

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