Do Mama June Road To Redemption Fans Want A Weight Loss Spinoff?

 Mama JuneMama June Road To Redemption grew out of June Shannon taking her weight loss journey with Not to Hot. Of course, fans know that she fell down after that and endured no end of drama with Geno and her kids. Actually, there seems to still be some evidence that the family rejected her efforts to return to them. But, would WEtv fans who grow sick of her drama like to see more of that original weight loss journey with her kids?

Mama June – Road To Redemption Fans Tired Of June Shannon

Over the years, WEtv fans lost a lot of respect for the mom of Anna Cardwell, Jessica Shannon, Lauryn (Pumpkin) Efird, and Alana Thompson, (Honey Boo Boo). After hooking up with Geno Doak, she sold off her house and took off to live a life of drugs and partying at casinos. Despite the family trying an intervention, things went downhill until she agreed to rehab. Splitting from Geno seemed like a good idea. But, she still takes a lot of heat.

Mama June Road To Redemption fans fear that she made a big mistake falling for Justin Stroud so quickly. Once again, they think that she puts a man before her kids. In fact, some people think “Mama June” is a misnomer and some folks want her dropped from the show. So, they started feeling a bit excited when word leaked that Pumpkin, Josh Efird, Alana, and Dralin Carswell might sign up for their own spinoff. However, if it happens, it seems likely to be about weight loss. So, do fans want that?

Mama June – Road To Redemption – Weight Loss Spinoff?

When WEtv fans heard that Honey Boo Boo and Dralin will undergo a procedure to make their tummies smaller, it got a mixed reaction. Our Teen Trends reported that Gina Rodriguez leaked she’s getting a “suture sculpt endoscopic sleeve from weight loss doctor Steven Batash.” Coincidentally, this week, June’s sister, Doe Doe Shannon announced that she and her daughter Amber also get the same procedure done as Honey Boo Boo, by the same specialist. Furthermore, Gino Rodriguez had a hand in it once again.

Mama June Road To Redemption Fans Want A Weight Loss Spinoff
Doe Doe Shannon / Instagram

The idea of a Mama June Road To Redemption spinoff for the family seems to be gaining traction. Although plenty of people battle with their weight, fans never seem to tire of shows like 1000-LB Sisters and My 600-LB Life. So potentially, there’s a ready-made audience. So what are fans saying about it?

Mama June  – Fans Love The Idea Of A Spinoff?

Mama June Road To Redemption fans seem keen for a spinoff, and they’d like to see Doe Doe and her daughter in it as well. One fan penned, “they need their own show, so we can follow their journey ??.”

Another fan wanted to see all of the family in a spinoff. They wrote, “let’s get Pumpkin and Josh there (sic) own show and of course Alana, Jessica the whole family.” Asking Gina Rodriguez to “think about it,” seems a bit late. After all, she already seems to telegraph the possibility.

This comment also arrived: “It will be so much better if the whole family does it! Good luck!!” Actually, if Pumpkin and Josh also do it, then it seems like a possibility that a spinoff will be a feasible idea. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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