Days Of Our Lives Star Lindsay Arnold Teases Allie’s Future: Alison Sweeney Shocks Her!

Days Of Our Lives: (Lindsay Arnold)Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) longs for someone special to console her. And now Lindsay is teasing more clues to what might lie ahead for Allie. Could life finally improve for her?

In addition to offering some hints about her character, Arnold shared how she feels about joining such an iconic soap opera. And don’t miss the surprise she got from Alison Sweeney! Get to know all about Lindsay below.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Lindsay Arnold Appreciates Her Days Of Our Lives ‘Family’

Talking with TV Source magazine, Lindsay Arnold shared that her favorite part of portraying Allie Horton on Days Of Our Lives involves the other cast members. “Because it really is like a family and everyone is so welcoming and we’re all really, really close,” gushed the Days Of Our Lives star. “I moved out here from New York and I moved out here during a pandemic, so they’ve really become like my family out here in L.A. I’ve met so many of my closest friends from [Days Of Our Lives].”

And Lindsay also expressed gratitude for how the rest of the cast eased her anxiety. “I think it helped with joining such a long running show to having really friendly people working there because it was really nerve-wracking for the first couple of months,” confessed Arnold. “But having people like Deidre Hall, who’s this major person who’s been on it forever, being super welcoming and helping me with any questions I had. Or working with Alison Sweeney early on and her just being so supportive, and really reassuring me that my work was so good.”

But beyond Sweeney’s support, Lindsay also admitted that Alison has impacted her dreams for her character of Allie. And Arnold took time to tease Allie’s possible future. Could Allie follow in Sami Brady’s footsteps?!

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Star Alison Sweeney Shocks Lindsay Arnold!

Lindsay Arnold also shared her very specific hopes for Allie’s future storyline. “I feel like what [Allie] wants is definitely to settle down with someone and I feel like, I just really want to do a wedding,” admitted Lindsay. “I really want to get married on the show, mainly because I want to pick a wedding dress. I want to try out all the pretty dresses. So I would love for Allie to have a wedding moment.”

And then Arnold revealed a surprise. When she chatted with Alison Sweeney, the other actress told her about how many times she had gotten married on the show. “She was like, ‘I had so many pretty dresses. Let me show you!'” recalled Lindsay. And she admitted she got shocked by one of Sweeney’s revelations.

“Yeah, she told me the number [of weddings] and I thought she was kidding. She was like, ‘No, no, I’m serious. But they weren’t all successful! Some of them are just ceremonies that don’t usually end in an actual marriage,'” recalled Arnold in describing how Alison surprised her. 

As for more about what the future might hold for Allie on Days Of Our Lives? “What I want for Allie is for her to find peace,” reflected Lindsay. “I want her to be at her little bakery, make scones, love her baby and have a partner. And maybe, I don’t know, pick up some hobbies? I want her to have time to read, I want her to take Henry to the park, I just want her to be.”

Tell us what you think. Do you agree with Lindsay Arnold that Allie deserves to relax and feel peaceful? And after you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more Days Of Our Lives news!

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