Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Gabi’s Best Man, Should Li Or Stefan Win Her Heart?

Days Of Our Lives; Gabi Dimera (Camila Banus)Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Gabi Dimera (Camila Banus) is about to have one too many men vying for her attention. Which man is the best match for Gabi? Li Shin (Remington Hoffman) Her current boyfriend or Stefan Dimera (Brandon Barash), the love of Gabi’s life?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Li Shin Has Deceived Gabi Dimera

Days Of Our Lives spoilers Li has acted as though he loves Gabi. However, Li has known all of this time that Stefan was alive. Li has even blackmailed Dr. Rolf (Richard Wharton) into keeping Stefan away from Gabi. Rolf has done the impossible and brought Stefan back to life. Does Gabi not deserve to know she has a choice?

Li saw that Stefan was kept alive while Rolf was in prison. Unfortunately, Jake Dimera’s (Brandon Barash) death has led to Stefan being alive and that doesn’t bode well with Li. Li knows that Gabi is still in love with Stefan and plans to do everything he can to come between them.

DOOL Spoilers – A Love That Conquers Death

Li may have thought that things would change after all these years. Gabi may be dating Li, she may even love him. However, Gabi has no idea that Stefan is an option. Would Gabi give Li the time of day if she knew Stefan was alive?

Li wants to take care of the competition. If Li can get rid of Stefan before Gabi knows he is alive, things will be fine, or so he thinks. However, Gabi would never forgive Li for keeping Stefan from her. Gabi and Stefan didn’t start their relationship as lovers, they were enemies with a common cause. However, they later fell in love. Li is working under false pretenses and that will not bode well. Gabi and Stefan’s love is stronger than Li wants to give them credit for. Will Gabi still choose Stefan in the end?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Li Shin Is Gabi Dimera’s Equal

Li is Gabi’s equal when it comes to business and intelligence. Unfortunately for Li, Stefan can keep Gabi on her toes just as well. Had Jake been the option, Li would win hands down. That just is not the case when it comes to Stefan. Stefan loved Gabi to distraction and still does.

Now that Stefan is back in the picture, can he prove that he still loves his wife? Will Gabi believe that Stefan has truly returned? Gabi and Stefan’s reunion should be very memorable. Will Gabi and Stefan still be as in love as they always were?

Can Gabi and Stefan get their lives back on track or has he been gone too long? Will Li’s underhanded moves cause him to lose in the end?

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