Counting On Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar’s Home Gets A Lien?

Counting On Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar's Home Gets A Lien?Counting On fans who followed the trial of Josh Duggar heard about his sentence in May this year. Well, now it looks like his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar might also end up paying the price for his actions. Reportedly, their home just got a lien slapped on it to the value of $50K. Is that even okay?

Counting On Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Keep Quiet

When the guilty verdict for downloading child porn came, Josh stayed in the Washington Detention Center whilst he awaited his sentencing. Well, apart from 12-and-a-half years in federal prison, he also got a long list of things that he can’t do once he is released. For 20 years following his release, he needs to follow 11 rules that will severely curtail what he can get up to. Additionally, he needs to pay a lot of money for restitution.

Since then, the Counting On parents seem much quieter on social media than before. Michelle gave the sentencing a miss, but Jim Bob and some other family members were present. After Judge Timothy L. Brooks read out the sentence, the former TLC patriarch seemed very reluctant to answer any questions. Actually, his silence seems uncharacteristic, but it’s probably understandable.

Counting On Fans First Heard About Josh’s Lien

On July 18, The Sun ran a story about Josh and a lien. The outlet noted, “Josh Duggar has been hit with a $50,100 lien by the state…The lien is part of the judgment in his child pornography case.” Well, during his sentencing, “he was ordered to pay a lump sum of $50,100 due ‘immediately.” Possibly, that did not happen. Anyway, there is a way that the courts can recover money due, and often, that happens when they take up to 50 percent of any income or assets during a prisoner’s incarceration.

Counting On Stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's Home Gets A Lien
Via Without A Crystal Ball / YouTube

Counting On fans know that Josh and Anna didn’t seem to have much money. After all, he lost his car lot business. Additionally, they moved into a sort of converted warehouse on his dad’s property. Unfortunately for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, it appears that Josh listed their address as his home. According to a YouTube post by Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball, Josh’s parents have also been issued a “$50k lien” against their home.

TLC Fans React To Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar’s Lien

Counting On fans took to the comments section of the YouTube post., One of them asked, “I’m confused. Unless the property is in Josh’s name as an owner, how can a lien be placed on it for a fine that HE owes? Unless JB signed some sort of guarantee or something that any fines would be paid?”

Well, Katie also commented and noted, “I’m just posting what was placed. That’s it. If the Feds did this wrong, the Duggars will have to take care of it.”

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