Counting On Fans Can Send Josh Duggar Gifts – Here’s How

Josh Duggar Gifts

Josh Duggar was found guilty of possession of child porn in early December 2021. For now, he awaits his sentencing and is in protective custody in the Washington Country Detention Center, Arkansas. Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting fans who wish to send him gifts may do so. Read on to find out how to do that.

Counting On  – Josh Duggar May Not Have Visitors

Fans heard that Counting On alum, Anna may not visit her husband while he stays in custody. After he was found guilty, he was immediately transferred to the detention center. Well, she can’t visit him in person, due to the coronavirus restrictions. However, she can video chat with him for one hour each day. Right now, he is also in protective custody, so Josh doesn’t live an over-exciting life.

While many TLC fans might hate the idea, there are a lot of people who love the family of Josh Duggar. So, it might interest you to know that Counting On fans may send him gifts. At the moment, they may not send him packages from outside. However, it is possible to purchase him gifts via the Jail’s ATM website. Notably, you have to go through a few steps in order to do so.

Counting On  – Josh Duggar – What Gifts Can You Send Him?

The Sun reported that Josh may accept gifts, but it must be noted that mailed packages won’t get to him. For now, only legal documents by his defense team may go directly to the detention center. Nevertheless, as the county website notes, “Living without them is hard,” but “showing you care isn’t.” There are a number of choices available, and while they are not over-the-top, inmates probably appreciate them.

If you visit the online store, you may order Josh Duggar a “Salty Care Package,” or a “Sweet Care Pack.” Both of them cost $22. At $30, Counting On fans might opt for the “Soup Lovers Care Pack” that costs $30. Then, there’s the “A.M. Delight Care Pack for $44.” Or, fans may choose the “Meal Deal Care Pack” that sells at the same price. Got more money to spend? Well, the top of the range comes in at $109 for the “The Big Deal Care Pack.”

Counting On – How To Buy Gifts

It’s not just a question of logging in and sending Josh Duggar the package of your choice. The website brings up a search for the Inmate’s name. Notably, make sure you select the Washington County Detention Center in the drop-down box. Then, you need to register to purchase. During that, they will request your contact details. The website notes that officers might check you out before you buy. So, make sure you have your email, phone number, address, and ID details on hand. You may start the process by visiting this link HERE.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC alums right now. Come back here often for more news and updates about Josh Duggar.

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