Josh Duggar Guilty Verdict Means Humble Pie For Christmas Dinner: Inside His Prison Cell

Josh DuggarJosh Duggar infamously smirked and even laughed amid his child pornography court hearing. But in the wake of his guilty verdict, it seems unlikely that the former “19 Kids And Counting” star will feel quite so upbeat on Christmas Day. 

Take a look inside the oldest Duggar son’s prison cell. From his food to his company, learn how Josh will spend the holidays below. 

Josh Duggar Eating Humble Pie For Christmas Dinner?

Famed for years as the oldest son on “19 Kids And Counting,” Josh now sits alone in a jail cell, reports the Sun. It’s a dramatic change from his snug and smug life with wife Anna Duggar and their seven kids. For instance, in contrast to Anna’s home-cooked meals, Josh now eats simple foods such as bread and margarine. 

As a result of his child pornography conviction, Duggar resides alone in his cell. And Christmas dinner will not provide any relief. Josh will continue his solitary confinement when he receives his holiday meal. An insider at the Washington County Detention Center in Arkansas even revealed whether Duggar gets different food from other inmates.

“People in solitary do not get to eat with others. They get served alone in their cell, but they get the same food everyone else does,” explained the source. As for Christmas, the directors may provide inmates like Josh with “a little special something. It won’t be big, but it’ll be a little something different” than the standard meals, added the insider. 

What Josh Duggar Eats Rather Than Anna’s Home-Cooked Meals

Menus for Josh and his fellow prison inmate seem heavy on the carbohydrates. But Duggar can’t pick and choose what he wants. As a result, Josh recently received a breakfast of “oatmeal with butter and sugar, a sausage patty, homemade fried potatoes, bread, and margarine,” shared the source.

Anna Duggar’s husband also doesn’t get to select what he wants to drink to wash down all those carbs. Inmates receive a single option, an orange-flavored, fortified drink. And if Josh drank coffee, he’ll likely suffer a caffeine withdrawal headache. Prison dwellers do not get served coffee.

For a typical lunch, Duggar eats hamburgers. A sample dinner features turkey and rice casserole, green beans, and bread with margarine, revealed the insider. But regardless of what’s served, Josh dines alone. 

A source at the prison explained why the “19 Kids And Counting” alum will remain in solitary confinement while he waits his sentence for the child pornography charges. Officials made that decision to protect Duggar. “Josh is cordoned off from the general population. He is in a holding cell by himself. We do this for every sex offender. We are holding him separately for his own safety,” noted the insider. As for whether Josh might feel lonely alone in his cell 24/7, the insider simply said, “It is what it is.”

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