Counting On Alum Jill Dillard Reveals Why Derick Became A Lawyer

Counting OnCounting On fans were surprised to hear that Jill Dillard, Jessa Seewald, Jinger Vuolo, and Joy-Anna Forsyth lost their lawsuit. It refers to the 2006 news that later emerged about the four Duggar sisters. A judge threw their case out of court claiming that immunity exists to protect public servants in the event of human error. Recall, the girls were molested by their brother Josh. Well, now Jill revealed that it all relates to why Derick Dillard decided to switch careers and become a lawyer.

Counting On – Star Jill Dillard Fumes About The Lawsuit

You probably recall the sensational news when the molestation of the girls went public. Actually, Jinger described how the family rushed off into hiding as the kids saw the media gather outside. Still quite young, she felt traumatized by all of the drama. Naturally, the whole thing was embarrassing for the girls. Additionally, TLC reacted by canceling the 19 Kids and Counting show. Of course, fans know that TLC resurrected the show with Counting On. But Derick and Jill left the cast. Thanks to Josh’s arrest for child porn, the network canceled that show as well.

Many Counting On fans blamed Jim Bob Duggar for not raising his daughters to talk openly about their problems. Plus, they accused him of just hiding it all under a carpet. Possibly, by just making little of the traumatizing events, he didn’t do enough to fix his son’s unhealthy obsessions. Derick Dillard mentioned that they quit the show because Jim Bob insisted that Jill filmed even after the embarrassing news about the molestation broke. So, some folks thought that he became a lawyer to go after Jim Bob’s money as he also claimed they were not paid for their screentime.

Counting On – The Real Reason Counting On Alum Derick Became A Lawyer

On February 10, Jill Dillard took to her blog and talked about her fury. She wrote, “the Judge recognized that the law was clear that the records never should have been released.” Nevertheless, their case came to an end “with the ruling that the City and County’s statutory immunity protects them from our claims.” Essentially, all those years of mental torment got swept under the rug to protect an employee. Jill said that “it is what compelled Derick to change careers and pursue law school in the first place.”

Counting On Alum Jill Dillard Reveals Why Derick Became A Lawyer
Jill Dillard Via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

However, don’t expect the Counting On couple to just walk away from fighting for the rights of victims. Both Jill and Derick feel very strongly about the fact that the victims suffer while the “perpetrators continue to be emboldened.” Punishing the victim instead of the bad people seems very unjust. So, between Derick and Jill, they are determined to change that. Jill noted, that “only then can victims become survivors.”

Counting On – Fans Comment

Counting On fans commented when Without A Crystal Ball shared the blog post on their Instagram. One of them said, “So proud of her and Derick for continuing to speak out.”

One fan noted, “I mean they obviously know it was wrong when they did not release the baby sitter name but only the sister. Ugh!!!.”

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