Counting On Alum Derick Dillard Reportedly Passes Bar Exam

Counting OnCounting On followers on Reddit have discussed whether Derick Dillard passed his bar exam. Well, applicants sit twice a year, in February and July, if he did pass in 2022, then he and Jill certainly didn’t make a song and dance about it. Why is that? Well, there are some theories out there in the world of snark.

Counting On – Fans heard Why Derick Dillard Became A Lawyer

During the trial of Josh Duggar, many people who follow TLC TV supported Jill and her husband. In fact, the public warmed to him a lot over the years since his homophobic comments about Jazz Jennings. It started when he began dishing some insider tea on Jim Bob Duggar. Then, when he spoke about the trial of Josh Duggar, he reached a new height of popularity.

Counting On fans later applauded when Jill revealed why her husband studied law. In a pot on her blog, she said, “it is what compelled Derick to change careers and pursue law school in the first place.”  That came when she fumed about the lawsuit that she, Jessa Seewald, Jinger Vuolo, and Joy-Anna Forsyth lost. Recall, it was about private info being released after the news that Josh molested his younger sisters. So, Derick riding to the rescue of victims was highly applauded.

Counting On – Reports That Derrick Passed His Bar Exam

Notably, the news that Derick might have passed his bar exam didn’t come from Jill. Instead, it was discussed on Facebook and Reddit. Monsters and Critic reported, “Last spring, Derick Dillard graduated from law school, and he’s passed the Bar.” Well, their information source was from a Duggar Family group. That doesn’t mean the info is wrong, but it does make people wonder why Jill keeps it under wraps.

Over on Reddit, snarkers discussed the career of Counting On alum, Derick Dillard. One person seemed shocked because a short time ago, he was all the rage. Now, snarkers suggested that they keep quiet because their supporters are Trump voters. So, someone reasoned that they might worry that people find out he defends people of the “wrong” political persuasion.

Counting On – Redditors Comment

Counting On critics and fans discussed the bar exam further. One person suggested, “[People] would absolutely bully him out of a job if he were to post where he worked.”

Counting On Alum Derick Dillard Reportedly Passes Bar Exam
r/fundiesnarkiesnark / Reddit

Another supporter noted, “The obsession with getting fundies fired or ruin their opportunities is ridiculous. I know it’s an unpopular opinion here because people seem entitled to get involved with your financial opportunities if they don’t agree with you. Ruining their job opportunities doesn’t motivate them to change their beliefs?.”

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