Clarence House Confirms That Prince Charles Is “Politically Neutral”

Clarence House Confirms That Prince Charles Is “Politically Neutral”Whatever you might heard of the Prince of Wales’ supposed stance on the Rwandan issue, Clarence House is reaffirming that the Prince is politically neutral.

Royal Reporter Insists Prince Charles Planned to Have His Opinions on the Rwanda Policy Become Public
Last week, news emerged that Prince Charles called the British government’s immigration policy deal with Rwanda “appalling”.

However, former BBC royal reporter Jennie Bond said that the leak wasn’t circumstantial and that the heir likely meant for it to happen.

Prince Charles Is A Compaasionate Man

Speaking to GB news about the matter, Ms. Bond said: “He’s a compassionate man. He feels strongly about this and feels the policy is appalling.”

She added: “I think he probably knew what he said would get out.”

The British government is planning to send migrants to Rwanda, with hotel arrangements already in place for them.

Home secretary Priti Patel is the driving force behind the “Rwanda solution” to the intense immigration problem U.K. currently faces in the wake of the Russian-Ukraine war.

There is understood to be no animosity between Prince Charles and the Home Secretary, despite their perceived differences on tackling the immigration issues. The pair were also friendly towards one another when they met during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

In April, Ms. Patel flew to Rwanda to sign the agreement with foreign minister Vincent Biruta.

She said she’s determined to break “the people-smuggling trade” across the Channel with more than 10,000 migrants crossing to Britain this year already.

Prince Charles Governmental Matters

Prince Charles and Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be traveling to the east African country for a Commonwealth summit on June 23. It’s been predicted that the pair, who’ve had an awkward past, will have an intense moment when they meet up at the summit due to the Rwanda policy.

Before that can happen, Clarence House spokesman recently released a statement: “We would not comment on supposed anonymous private conversations with the Prince of Wales, except to restate that he remains politically neutral.

“Matters of policy are decisions for Government.”

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