Anna Duggar Reacts To Josh Duggar Divorce Rumors On Social Media!

Anna Duggar Reacts To Josh Duggar Divorce Rumors On Social Media!Anna Duggar has faced rumors that the “Counting On” star would divorce hubby Josh Duggar for years. For instance, when Josh became infamous for molesting underage girls including his sisters, rumors soared that Anna would split. And when her “19 Kids And Counting” spouse admitted to cheating on her, fans felt convinced that Anna would divorce him.

But in the wake of Josh’s 12-year prison sentence for child porn, divorce rumors have dominated Duggar family gossip. And now Anna Duggar has reacted on social media. Find out how below.

Anna Duggar Responds To Josh Duggar Divorce Rumors On Instagram

Instagram followers of Anna Duggar know that the “Counting On” star used to post happy captions and pics of her children and hubby Josh. But after his guilty verdict for child porn, Anna turned to Instagram only on rare occasions. However, she seems to have read all that gossip predicting that she will divorce him. And so she reacted by changing her Instagram bio

In her new bio, Anna puts the emphasis on her belief that her marriage to Josh remains happy. “I’m a Christian. Happily married and have 7 beautiful children!” penned Anna in crafting the description of life with Josh. Famous for standing by her man throughout all his scandals, however, Anna may feel that her religion prohibits her from divorcing. The Duggar family identify as Independent Baptist, also known as Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (IFB). And some reports on IFB indicate that divorce is not viewed as an option.

Anna Duggar Insists On Her Happy Marriage On Twitter

In addition to changing her Instagram bio, Anna has reacted to rumors about divorcing Josh on Twitter. Both in her bio and a recent post, she emphasized her faith in her hubby. And her Twitter bio reads: “I’m a Christian, happily married to @joshduggar and we have 7 wonderful children!”  

But in many ways, Anna’s previous social media posts show just how much her life has changed since Josh’s child porn scandal. For instance, the “Counting On” star gushed when she learned that her seventh baby would be a girl. “It’s a GIRL!!!!!” tweeted Anna to her followers at the time. “We are overjoyed to announce baby seven is on the way and we can’t wait to hold her in our arms this fall.”

But the “Counting On” star never imagined that her seventh child will spend her early years with her father in jail. However, while Josh gets used to living life in his Texas prison, Anna reportedly has learned to adjust. And while fans continue to urge her to leave Josh, Anna has made it clear through her social media bios that she will continue to stand by her man.

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that Anna Duggar should leave her husband Josh Duggar after his guilty verdict for child pornography? Or do you believe that she made the right choice to stay with him? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news. 

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