Anna Duggar GLOWS On Instagram As Hubby Josh Mops Military-Style Prison!

Anna DuggarAnna Duggar has made only rare appearances on Instagram ever since husband Josh Duggar faced guilty verdicts for child pornography. But now Josh is safely tucked away in prison. And a glowing Anna just resurfaced on social media for a very special reason. 

Find out what caused Josh’s wife to return. And see why life for Josh has gotten compared to the military. Get the latest news about Anna Duggar below.

Anna Duggar – Wishes Sister Priscilla Duggar Happy Birthday On Instagram! 

Just days after Josh Duggar got settled into his new prison home, Anna Duggar returned to Instagram. And the reality TV star ended her silence to send happy birthday wishes to her sister Priscilla. Turning to her Instagram Stories, Anna also posted a photo with Priscilla, noted the Sun

“Happy birthday, Priscilla!” wrote the “Counting On” alum. That message follows Anna’s last social media appearance for her own birthday. In that post, Anna shared, “Officially 34.” And she ignored Josh’s guilty verdict for child pornography by celebrating their anniversary.

“Fourteen years since I said ‘yes!'” gushed Anna about her convicted hubby. However, fans slammed Anna as “delusional.” But some argued that she posted that perky message because she feels “too embarrassed to be associated with a literal creep like him. Either that or she doesn’t want to face the reality that he’s in jail.”

And some fans worried about her children. For instance, one wrote, “She’s genuinely delusional and I worry so deeply for her children.” And another tried to understand Anna, then gave up. “I will never understand,” admitted the Duggar family follower. “She should be furious if for no other reason than because of the situation he has created for her and the kids.”

Anna Duggar Celebrates As Hubby Josh Duggar Obeys Military Regime In Prison! 

What a difference a 12-year sentence makes! After spending years cleaning up after Josh (literally and figuratively), Anna Duggar is enjoying her life. And inside his new prison home, Josh has gotten assigned to clean-up duty. Per TMZ,  the “19 Kids And Counting” alum can now count on prison guards ensuring Duggar follows all the military-style rules.

For instance, Josh must make sure to keep every inch of his prison cell exceptionally tidy and clean. And beyond that, Duggar must make his bed and tidy up by 7:30 am Monday through Friday. In addition, Josh has gotten a list of daily chores to do. Those include mopping the floor, sweeping, cleaning walls, and emptying trash cans.

As for making friends? Josh needs to end any loud discussions with his fellow inmates, card-playing, games, and domino rounds by 9:15 am. By 11 pm, Duggar needs to return to his cell. And by midnight, silence, including TV sets, rules.

Tell us what you think. Do you agree with fans who feel that Anna Duggar seems delusional about Josh? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news. 

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