Counting On: Can Anna Duggar Actually Get A Real Job?

Anna DuggarCounting On updates revealed that Josh will serve 12 years and seven months in federal prison for his child porn conviction. So, that means that Anna Duggar is left without an income from her husband. Word has it that she is currently supported by he father-in-law, Jim Bob. Notably, the prosecution talked about her getting a job and now TLC fans wonder if she can actually land one.

Counting On – Anna Wrote A Letter About Josh Duggar

Ahead of Josh’s sentencing, Anna and her mother-in-law, Michelle both wrote letters to the judge. Both of them talked about him being a great dad to his seven kids. As for being a great provider, well fans don’t really know too many details. They know that the former TLC star ran a car lot where he apparently got up to a lot of nasty things on the side. Hence, the prison sentence. Without his income, should Anna get a job? And if she wants that, what sort of job could she do?

Counting On reports revealed that Anna took the news about Josh’s sentence very hard and she ran from the room. Perhaps the reality of life without her husband by her side finally sunk in. Rumors emerged that even though Josh will be away for many years, Anna won’t consider a divorce. After all, the Duggar family belongs to a tight-knit community that does not allow it. Actually, most of them don’t believe a woman should get a job out of the home. But reportedly, the prosecution didn’t feel any sympathy on that one.

Counting On – Alum Anna Mentioned In Transcript

Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball obtained a copy of the transcript during the sentencing. In her post, she said that the “prosecutors literally called out Anna Duggar about getting a job.” Apparently, it came when objections were heard regarding the “PSR report.” If you don’t know, that happens when the court looks into reasons that might affect the outcome of the sentence. Possibly, someone argued that Josh should get some leniency as he’s the sole provider in his family.

Counting On Can Anna Duggar Get A Job
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Counting On fans took to the comments and it sounds like they feel she could not only earn an income but might even be able to start her own private income sources. After all, she did study early childhood education online. Obviously, she also homeschools her own kids. So, some people think she could land some sort of teaching job. Meanwhile, other jobs are available that don’t require a lot of skill and she could quickly learn.

Counting On – Can Work – Can’t Work?

Counting On fans lose patience with Anna Duggar because she sticks with Josh. In the past, folks pointed out that in fairness to her, she’d probably need to break completely free of the Duggar family for that to happen. Growing irritated, one follower said, “Anna has more skills then we think. She knows how to sew, she can do alterations. She likes to bake, work at bakery. She has skills, and can find a job doing something. She honestly just sounds lazy!”

Meanwhile, one wishful fan wrote, “I hope she wakes up one morning and decides she’s done with them all and decides to get out of there and write a best-seller.”

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