90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Amira Lollysa Confuses Fans

90 Day Fiance: Amira Lollysa 90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal that Amira Lollysa has really started to confuse her fans on social media. Amira has been seen with another 90 Day Fiance cast member, David Murphey and some even think that they are dating. Now it looks like she is posting even more confusing photos to Instagram.

90 Day Fiance  Spoilers – What’s Up With Her?

It really doesn’t surprise us that Amira has started doing a lot of things that bring more attention to her. Even though we haven’t seen her on TV for over a year now, she has gained a lot of followers on Instagram and they just can’t help but love her. She was at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas recently and she shared some interesting photos. Her fans were confused by one photo in particular though.

In the picture, she was wearing a silk skirt and a black bra. This is not exactly the attire for being out in the canyon and this was confusing to her fans. Not only this, the look on her face seemed as if she needed help or someone was forcing her to take these photos.

90 Day Fiance  Spoilers – What Is That Face?

Many of Amira’s fans were confused about the face that she was making in the photos. These seem to be modeling photos, but her face doesn’t seem all that sexy or inviting. Not only that, she has gotten a lot of work done to her face that has made her look like a completely new person. She has much higher cheekbones now and her lips look larger than before. It also appears that she has gotten Botox or some type of fillers in her face.

With this photo, fans wanted to see more of her with David, but if they are together, we will just have to wait and see if one of them makes a statement about being in a relationship. For now, we can follow them on Instagram.

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