1000 Lb Sisters Tammy Slaton Stops Breathing On Way Back To Rehab

1000 Lb Sisters1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers suggest that Tammy Slaton may have been on her way back to the rehab facility when she stopped breathing. Is Tammy back on track for surgery now?

1000 Lb. Sisters – Did Tammy Slaton Wait Too Long?

Dr. Smith asks Tammy in the new previews if she would consider going back to rehab. Tammy says I’m ready and the next thing we see is Chris Combs driving down the road when Tammy stops breathing. At least mention, Tammy tells Chris her oxygen is 65%, and then she stops talking. Chris stops the vehicle and informs the crew that Tammy stopped breathing. Of course, Chris is worried about Tammy and has tried to urge her to get help since the beginning of the show. Amy Slaton got her surgery and left Tammy behind. Chris got his surgery and left her behind as well. Later it was revealed that their sister Amanda Slaton had gotten weight loss surgery first. Everyone has urged Tammy to get help but she keeps gaining weight. Is Tammy back on track now?

1000 Lb Sisters – Life Support And A Trach

1000 Lb. Sisters Tammy ended up not only on life support but with a trach when she ended up with carbon dioxide poisoning. It was revealed in November that Tammy had ended up in the hospital. However, Tammy is still in a hospital-like setting. Of course, Tammy has the trach but a lot of people come home with those. Since Tammy had agreed to go back to rehab, she may have been admitted back into the rehab facility. Tammy needed to lose 50lbs before she could have weight loss surgery. Tammy had lost the weight but couldn’t have her surgery due to Covid. Did Tammy lose enough in the hospital to qualify for her surgery? Is working on losing that 100 pounds what she is doing now?

1000 Lb. Sisters – Has Tammy Slaton Seen The Light?

Now that 1000 Lb. Sisters’ Tammy almost died in a vehicle, has she seen the light? Tammy has been drinking and vaping and doing all kinds of extra damage to her body without any regard for what she is doing to herself. Has Tammy finally seen the light and decided to get her surgery done to save her life? Will Tammy be around for not only Gage Halterman, but his little brother or sister as well?

Tammy has spent years abusing her body and has got to get things under control if she hasn’t already. Is Tammy back on track now? Will Tammy have surgery soon?

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