The Circle: Netflix’s Social Media Experiment Returns For 3rd Season

The CircleThe Circle chat has been updated and the new trailer is out. In the clip, we can see that there is an all-new cast and some new and interesting twists and turns around the corner. And do not forget, there will be catfishers.

The social media and reality competition has retained the host from the previous season, comedian Michelle Buteau, and the video presents eight new players that will be hoping to win the $100,000 payout.

The Circle – Copycat Accounts, Sneaky Tricks, And Confusing Rules

The new trailer introduced social media influencers, Ruksana, Michelle, Calvin, Daniel, Mathew, and sister duo Ava and Chanel.

Some of the group, as is often seen on social media, are not playing as themselves but using fake photos and even different sexualities. One player even enlists an older sister to help them hack the game.

Players use copycat accounts and fake flirting, and the rules a confusing, which adds an element of comic relief to the mix.

One player will have a throw down with another who is caught using her profile and images against her.

Still another player uses a “burner” profile to deceive the other players.

The Circle – When To Watch And Who To See

Netflix announced the return of the show on Wednesday, September 1 to premiere on September 8.

As in past seasons, the episodes will continue to run throughout the month of September, on the 15th and the 22nd and then on the 29th for the finale.

In the teaser trailer, the host Michelle Buteau can be heard saying, “In a world where social media reigns supreme, these players will use everything they have to influence their way to the top,” with the trailer alluding to a season with many new “secrets, shocks, and surprises.”

You can get to know some of the new players ahead of time by checking out their social media accounts we will share below.

There is Ava(and her sister Chanel), a 25-year-old from Los Angeles:

There is Calvin, 30, from Miami, Florida:

Daniel, 20, also from Florida:

Then there is Kai, a 28-year-old from Nashville, Tennessee:

Then there’s Matthew who is 29 and hails from Long Island, New York

Nick is 27 and hails from Seattle, Washington:

Ruksana is 35 and is from New Jersey:

We do not yet have access to an Instagram page for Michelle who is 52 and hails from South Carolina.

Season 3 of The Circle premieres, on Netflix, Wednesday, September 8, with new episodes dropping on the 15th and the 27th. The season finale with pop off on September 29.

You can also stream the previous two seasons of the show on Netflix anytime.

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