Sister Wives: Robyn Brown In Denial Over House And Family Visits

Robyn BrownSister Wives star Robyn Brown irritates fans these days, as she seems to be behind a lot of Kody’s decisions. In a bonus scene shared by TLC on Instagram, fans expressed their thoughts on her wanting a huge home for those big family visits. Clearly, it escapes her notice that the family is fractured and hardly likely to rush back to Flagstaff for any big gatherings.

Sister Wives – Fans Blame Robyn Brown For A Lot Of Things

In Season16, fans slammed Robyn when Kody Brown wanted to send his daughter Ysabel for back surgery all on her own. Of course, as she was only about 16 at the time, fans grew furious with him. After all, it’s not like she went for simple surgery like an ingrown toenail. But, some of them alleged that Robyn keeps him firmly fixed to her side so he can only spend time with her kids. However, Kody is a grown man and really, it’s his character flaw rather than hers, some TLC fans reasoned.

Sister Wives fans also saw that Robyn Brown didn’t want to move back to Utah because of the potential danger to her family. Although the state eased up on polygamy a lot, she fears the potential fallout on her kids. So, Kody used her argument on Christine. He told her that if she goes to Utah, she might regret it and become fearful for Truely. Well, Christine got around that one by leaving him altogether and is no longer his spiritual wife. Score one for Robyn who doesn’t want other wives around, some fans think.

Sister Wives – Star Robyn Wants A Huge Home On Coyote Pass

On Friday, December 10, TLC shared a bonus clip on Instagram. In it, the wives sat around and discussed the development of their property. Meri said that she wants a small place, separate from her work. Later, she pointed out that it’s not really necessary to have a massive home as a lot of the kids left home. These days, they hardly ever have large family gatherings anymore. Meanwhile, fans already know that Janelle doesn’t mind small as she lived in an RV this summer. So, she’s not keen on a mansion either. However, Robyn Brown wants a huge house.

Sister Wives Fans Wonder If Robyn's In Denial Wanting A Big Home & Family Visits

The Sister Wives star made it very clear that she knows what she wants. She wants a very big house. But, whether gets what she hopes for is debatable. Not so much the size of the house as fans know she always gets what she wants, but the reason why she wants it so big. She wants to have things the way they were when loads of family members got together. That’s why some fans think she loses touch with reality or is in some kind of denial.

Sister Wives – The Kids Don’t Come To Big Gatherings

Sister Wives fans wondered if it escaped Robyn Brown’s attention that most of the kids left home. Actually, none of them seem keen on returning to Flagstaff for big gatherings. If they got together with their respective moms, lately it has not been in Flagstaff. Bear in mind, only Savanah, Truely, and Robyn’s kids live at home these days.

One TLC fan wrote, “Of course Robyn wants a big house but who exactly is this big family?? Most of the kids are looking forward not backward they want to do their own thing now.” Meanwhile, another fan wrote, “Selfish Robyn just interrupts to say what she wants. Robyn, take a step back. You don’t have to control everything. Other people can talk. You don’t need the spotlight on you all the time. Geez, just close your mouth and let other people have a say!”

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