Savannah Chrisley Fans Tell Her Their Hopes & Dreams For 2022

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Savannah Chrisley, a well-known star from Chrisley Knows Best, makes her own brand these days, and she become increasingly popular with USA Network fans. This weekend, she asked fans what they hope for in 2022. Well, plenty of folks posted their thoughts about it. These days, the Sassy by Savannah makeup mogul gets lots of comments every single time she posts up anything. Her fans also love that she quite often asks questions, so they can interact with her.

Savannah Chrisley Interacts With Fans On Instagram

Chrisley Knows Best fans love it when Savannah relates to them. For instance, back in October this year, she posted up an inspirational Story. She said, “shout out to everyone who is trying right now.” She talked about openness, keeping going, letting go, and finding her flow. Additionally, she mentioned balance, loving herself, and meeting the challenges of life every day. Then, speaking directly to her fans, she added, ““I see you. I’m there too. We’re in this together.” Fans might not be wealthy, or own a cosmetics business, but they felt good that the USA Network star related to them.

Savannah Chrisley works really hard as she pursues her dream of growing her cosmetics line. Once again, she makes people feel as if they are part of her journey. So, when she launched her bronzer line in July, fans felt like a part of the team who made it all come together. Popularity on reality TV isn’t always just a given right. Interacting with customers and fans seems extremely important. Clearly, Todd’s daughter learned that, and never forgot the lesson. So, this week when she interacted with fans about 2022, many of them responded.

Savannah Chrisley Asks About Changes In The New Year

Taking to her main Instagram on Sunday, December 5, Savannah shared a photo of herself looking cool and relaxed in the garden. Her caption read, “SMILING because 2022 is only 27 days away!” Then, she asked, “What changes are you hoping to see in the new year?” Lots of fans liked the post and hundreds of them accepted the invitation to have their say. Some of them hoped for more seasons of Chrisley Knows Best and Growing Up Chrisley. But, other posted more practical wishes and ideas. 

Savannah Chrisely Fans Hopes Dreams 2022

Fans of Savannah Chrisley often mentioned a change in government which seems more caring about the people, especially during the coronavirus. Many other comments flowed in. Here’s a sample if what sits on the minds of folks for 2022:

Personal growth for sure, sustainability and Peace! ❤️

Healing and restored health.

More clients, more following , more success ✨??.

Better year for all ❤️.

2022 is gonna be when I get to my most healthy weight.

A new place to live, preferably Nashville.

Weight loss and stress less.”

What Are Your Hopes And Dream For 2022?

Fans of Savannah Chrisley seem to hope for health and happiness; not unusual dreams. What would you like to see in 2022? Sound off your thoughts in the comments section below this article.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the USA Network cast right now. Come back here often for more Chrisley Knows Best spoilers, news, and updates.

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