Royal Family News: Serena Williams Thinks Meghan Markle Is ALL CLASS

Serena Williams British Royal Family news Serena Williams has nothing but very positive things to see about her good friend, Meghan Markle. The tennis star went on the record to praise the Duchess of Sussex for handling her explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey with both “poise” and “class.” Serena also opened up about supporting other women during the debut episode of Stuart Weitzman’s Shine Series. Here’s what you need to know.

British Royal News – Serena Williams Thinks Meghan Markle Is ‘All Class’

Serena Williams says she has been reflecting on “the strength, confidence and selflessness” of her longtime friend Meghan. During her interview, Serena explained why she chose to publicly support Meghan after both she and Prince Harry seemingly threw the entire royal family under the bus in their tell-all interview with Oprah. In less than two hours, Prince Harry and Meghan explained that there were alleged racial undertones at the palace. While Meghan revealed that she experienced suicidal thoughts during her time with the royal family, Harry said that his father, Prince Charles, cut him off both emotionally and financially.

Serena told Behnaz Ghahramani in their first episode, “Meghan is a great person and I think the epitome of strength, the epitome of confidence, the epitome of just selflessness, and the epitome of everything is just her and everything that she’s gone through.”

British Royal News – Meghan Markle Is Keeping Rather Quiet

The tennis ace went on to say that Meghan Markle is one of the strongest people she knows and that she doesn’t know anyone else who would be able to handle such an interview on a global scale in the same way she did. Serena also pointed out that Meghan often deals with untrue allegations about her personal life on almost a daily basis.

“And I know it’s not easy, and you can see from the interview that it wasn’t easy. But she had so much poise and she still had so much class,” she added.

So far Meghan Markle herself has not made any additional comments about her interview with Oprah. In fact, the Duchess has remained rather quiet in the last several weeks.

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