Royal Family News: Prince Harry Uses The Bathroom And Calls His Family “Toxic” On The ‘Late Late Show’

British royal family news reveals that Prince Harry offered himself up on a plate, make that a double decker open air bus, to The Late Late Show with James Corden and you’ll either love it or hate it. Betting that the royal family tends toward the latter. Especially when they hear the golden boy describe his family and country as “toxic”, adding, “I did what any husband and father would do and got my family out of there.”

Consider his U.S. late-night talk show debut as an appetizer to his U.S. sob fest confessional on Oprah’s Winfrey’s couch on March 7. He’s captured the two main American tv markets, the only thing missing is a reality show and don’t think that’s not coming.

Thursday’s episode of the show, hosted by Harry’s Brit buddy, showed the two sharing tea in actual china and pointing out celeb houses from the top of the bus. Spoiler Alert: Harry doesn’t know who Henry Winkler is. Major fail.

Then the tea is spilled, literally, during a hard brake and it’s all over Harry who doesn’t know what to do—where’s the butler to pick it up off him? Corden barks, “Clean it up, Harry!” The Queen is cringing right now.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Is the Fresh Prince

Harry’s first comment was a knock at the repressive monarchy he had to flee saying, “This is the first time I’ve been on an open top bus, not really allowed to.” Is he ever going to stop complaining, get over his oppression and just get on with life? This is what therapy is for.

Royal Family News – Harry Is Ripe For The Picking

These two even showed up at the house from “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Harry rapped the song in the driveway and they called up Meghan for her star turn, you didn’t think she would be allowed not to appear did you, and her and her hair giggled and called Harry Haz.

She nixed the idea of buying the house saying they’ve already moved enough. Wet dishrag on that.

But that didn’t’ stop Harry from knocking on the door and using the bathroom!

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Is  A Laugh Riot

Along the way Harry was a good boy and said he and Megs watch Netflix at night! Later he said he prefers “The Crown” to the actual media news—no lie, this is the fairytale land he is living in.

And Harry threw his family under the bus by saying her wants Damian Lewis to portray him on the show that drags his own family. What is wrong with him?

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