Royal Family News: Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Accused Of “Trademark Bullying” Small Business Owner

British royal family news shows that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who prefer that you call them the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are suing yet again! Who needs new hobbies when you can file lawsuits?

Who is the lucky foe this time? Apparently they have taken a dislike to a small business owner in the Philippines. Apparently there is a trademark dispute over the Archewell brand.

But, get this, the defendant isn’t going away quietly with their tail tucked beneath their legs. In what is an incredible case of pushback against “Princess Pushy” and her husband, their target had this to say: “the Philippines is not a British colony so English laws don’t work here.”

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Has Been Told Who He’s Dealing With

In 2020 the thirstylicious couple announced the brand name for their umbrella company: Archewell.

Following this move others came out of the woodwork to trademark the Archewell name; the Philippines is reportedly where most third-party Archewell-related trademark activity has taken place.

For example, in July 2020 Iloilo resident Gina Agnes Sarabia filed an application for the term ARCHEWELL, covering jewelry in Class 14, at the IP Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL). She is using the name in conjunction with her company, Sarabia Jewelry, which has an Archewell range of luxury products.

Royal Family News – Archewell Is A Popular Name

Reportedly there is at least one trademark application in the Philippines that is being opposed by the Markle’s: the application for the term ARCHEWELL HARVATERA which was filed by Manilla resident Victor Martin Soriano in July 2020 for cosmetics and fragrances.

A month after the application was published by the IPOPHL the Markle’s opposed it. The applicant, Victor Soriano, posted an image of the opposition letter he received, and it confirms that the opposition was lodged by Harry and Meghan’s Cobblestone Lane LLC.

Interestingly enough the LLC wants “additional time” to notarize and apostille needed documents in the United States, and have the original documents sent to the Philippines.

Royal Family News – Are The Markle’s Behind On Their Paperwork?

On Twitter, Soriano has claimed that the couple, “won’t talk to me … I’m so in the dark about their extensions. Shouldn’t I have at least a carbon copy, so I can reply truthfully first-hand to them. I get lost in their legal jargon.”

Following the registration of the Sarabia-owned mark, he noted, “ARCHEWELL is now a registered trademark in the Philippines (and it’s not a former British colony). English laws don’t work here.”

At least one source has called the Markle’s efforts against the small time business owner, “trademark bullying.”

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