Royal Family News: Prince Charles Takes Prince Harry To The Woodshed Before He Flees The UK Again?

British royal family news alleges that Prince Charles wants to have a little chat on Sunday with Prince Harry before his son beats a hasty retreat to his California mansion. It’s hard to imagine Harry saying no, he’s been so chatty lately.

According to reports the heir to the throne has scheduled time to take his spare son for a walk, maybe to look at the floral tributes left for the late Prince Philip. Insiders told the Mail on Sunday that it’s important for Charles to connect with Harry.

Royal Family News  – Prince Charles Wants To Have A Talk With Harry

“There has been talk that Charles will walk around Windsor with Harry to look at some of the tributes and spend some time together,” the source said.

It apparently would be the first time the pair meet face-to-face in private since Harry spilled his guts to a tv audience of millions about how much he resents his family. He told Oprah Winfrey in a special tell-all that his father shut off his adult allowance and now it would take a lot to “heal” their broken relationship.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Was Treated With Reserve By Some

After the salacious and roughshod interview aired, Charles was said to be “deeply hurt” by the way Harry and his wife Meghan Markle threw the clan under the bus. He was also upset that afterward Harry spilled private conversation details to Gayle King who had his permission to spill all on the air.

Harry is reported to be eager to leave the UK and get back to his wife who did not come to pay her respects because she would have been the, “center of attention,” at Philip’s funeral, not the 99-year old war hero himself.

He reportedly got, “a great deal of frostiness,” from his family at his grandfather’s funeral on Saturday, with some individuals apparently not even acknowledging his presence. Which is not hard to understand given that he aired the interview while Philip was basically on his death bed in the hospital.

Royal Family News – Did Harry And William Make Up?

Yet Harry and William were photographed in the briefest of exchanges, as they left the church. They seemed to trade a few words, and many made much of this exchange. “Funerals are a time of reconciliation and that’s a sight, let’s be honest, that many wanted to see. Not least the family itself,” Harry’s friend Tom Bradby said as he covered the funeral for UK TV.

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