Royal Family News: New Lifetime Movie Escaping The Palace Exposes Harry And Meghan

British royal family news teases that fans who can’t get enough of the Ginge and Whinge Show now have a fictionalized account of Harry and Meghan’s gilded life.

Lifetime has released a teaser clip for the film, Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace and the public is at least as impressed with the movie as they are with the thirsty couple.

The film incorporates the Sussexes’ bombastic move to the US at the start of 2020 and the actors in the lead roles are surprisingly lifelike.

Royal Family News – Harry And Meghan Get The Cinematic Treatment

Sydney Morton gets the thankless job of portraying controversial Meghan Duchess of Sussex. Fans see the actress as Meghan wondering if she has, “made the world’s biggest mistake,” by marrying into the Royal Family.

Elsewhere Prince Harry, as played by Jordan Dean, can be seen exclaiming he, “will do everything in his power to keep his wife and son safe.” How trolling his family accomplished that is anyone’s guess.

Royal Family News – Harry And Meghan Are The Subject Of New Movie

In the clip Meghan boldly tells the camera, “I never thought this would be easy. But I wanted to make the Queen proud. Have I made the world’s biggest mistake?”

The video also shows senior royals including Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge is portrayed by Laura Mitchell, and Maggie Sullivan plays Her Majesty.

The reported tension between royal rivals Meghan and Kate is teased in the trailer, with Kate’s character saying that anyone who married into the Royal Family knew what, “they signed up for.”

Royal Family News – Did Meghan Markle Know What She Got Into?

The character states, “This is the life we signed up for. Here, we value dignity above all else.” Oops, looks like someone forgot to give Ms. Meghan that message.

Jordan Whalen appears as Prince William and in the trailer says, “Let everyone understand it, the Monarchy is at stake,” to which the Queen states, “The Monarchy will always survive.” Not if Harry and Meghan have anything to do with it!

Another image shows the Queen, Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton all sitting in a room together, perhaps a showdown about the Markle’s dastardly Megxit move in 2020.

At the time the Queen made the decision to allow her grandson and his wife to quit their royal roles. Everything since has been the Markle’s trashing the monarchy and doing all in their power to bad mouth his family—God Save the Queen!

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