Royal Family News: Meghan Markle’s Controversial Kid’s Book Will Debut in Store “Stockrooms”

Meghan Markle

British royal family news reveals that Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex’s first foray into publishing could be a major fail. First, she was accused of plagiarism, next the book was deeply discounted before its launch, and now it seems the book could debut in the dust bin.

The polite words for the book’s destination are actually, “less prominent positions,” but pretty words don’t take the sting out of a failed book launch.

Meghan Markle Was AccusedOof Plagiarism

What gives (other than karma)? The book titled The Bench is caught in a little scuffle between its publisher and Britain’s biggest bookseller.

The “infant-friendly” book is set to drop Tuesday and as befits its stature, was expected to debut with crazy publicity and mad press. Oops, not so fast.

It appears that a snag between Penguin Random House and Waterstones could relegate the tome from a prominent store position to something a lot less regal.

Why Is Meghan’s Book The Subject Of Dispute?

It is being reported that the row involves the amount of credit PRH gives to the bookseller, in other words how many copies the store can have.

Waterstones is not pleased with the deal and said it will be forced to put the book not on flashy display but instead on shelves and even—horror of horrors—the stockroom.

A chain spokesman said, “We are not boycotting PRH titles but we are doing our utmost to ensure that availability for customers remains good despite the lower overall levels of stock. We do this generally by giving their titles less prominent positioning within our bookshops.”

They went on to explain, “Waterstones are currently operating with reduced credit terms from PRH, the only publisher in the UK to place any limitations on our ability to trade.”

Where Can You Find Meghan’s Book?

The Society of Authors is the UK’s trade union for professional writers and it issued this statement: “There is understandably some concern among the author community about this. We’re talking about the UK’s biggest publisher and the UK’s biggest high-street bookseller.”

“Whatever supply and contractual disagreements these businesses are experiencing, they both have a responsibility not to let them impact authors and the readers who want to enjoy their work.”

The book carries the pen name ‘Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex’ and is reportedly inspired by Prince Harry and their son Archie although it was alleged that the title and content are extremely close to another kid’s book, with a similar title and theme.

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