Royal Family News: Meghan Markle’s Acting Skills On Full Display During Oprah Interview Says One Expert

British royal family news reveals that a body language expert who has studied the just released clip of Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview has some fascinating and incendiary things to say about what wasn’t said!

Body language expert Judi James told FEMAIL that Meghan maintains a carefully practiced air of mystery calling her ‘Sphinx-like’ and deploying an ‘enigmatic’ smile as simply looks like she’s about to cry as Oprah prods her.

Oprah is heard saying ‘no topic was off limits’ for their TV special, which airs this Sunday and James likens Meghan’s acting to Princess Diana’s behavior during her own 1995 BBC tell-all interview.

Royal Family News – Outrageous Claims Are Made

The clip drops one bombshell tease after another with Meghan apparently moaning about how her stint as a princess was ‘almost unsurvivable.’ And then there is the now infamous Oprah hardline question of Meghan that everyone is talking about today: ‘Were you silent or were you silenced?’

This over the top hysteria has led some royal watchers to call out the talk show queen for comparing stately Queen Elizabeth to mad mob slasher Don Corleone.

It gets even better when Oprah tells the camera: ‘Just to make it clear to everybody, there is no subject that is off-limits.’

Royal Family News – What About Body Language?

According to Judi, ‘Meghan’s very subtle mouth-smile in response to Oprah’s dramatic claims does throw up hints of Diana’s interview back in the day,’ Judi explained.

‘But while Diana’s sadness was etched on her face, Meghan’s expressions looks far more enigmatic here.’

‘Her back is straight and she sits central in her chair and we can see both arms splayed in a pit-bare gesture to suggest feelings of self-control rather than any self-diminishing or barrier rituals to hint she might have felt the questions were getting beyond her here.’

In contrast, ‘Oprah is in full-on jaw-drop mode though, using terms like “silenced” and “unsurvivable” while Meghan sits, sphinx-like and beautiful, with only a head-tilt and small swallow suggesting depth of emotion in terms of her responses.’

The program has also been extended from 90 minutes to two hours, presumably to capture more of Meghan’s acting skills. And Harry will be seen, although only after Meghan has hogged the limelight for about half of the show. Let’s hope the queen has a god bingo game to keep her occupied that night.

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