Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Wants Back the Voice The Palace Took From Her

Royal Family News reveals that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are set to sit down with the Queen of all Media Oprah Winfrey after splitting from the ranks of the Queen of England, Elizbeth II.

It is a changing of the guard, and one source spilled that Meghan views this primetime exposure as the, ‘loudest way she’ll get her voice back’ because a ‘voice within the royal family wasn’t enough.’

Clearly she is not a team plyer.

And so it’s come to this, dissing Queen Elizabeth for a chance to spill their guts on Queen Oprah’s couch.

Royal Family News – The Markle’s Are Moving on Up

It is reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle filmed their tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey on Wednesday and Thursday, mere hours before the couple blasted a bratty comment over the pond, one intended to show the queen who’s boss. All it did was reinforce their reputation for bratty, petty behavior.

Royal Family News – The Markle’s Have A New Queen

The tell-all interview airs on Sunday March 7 and a person close to the couple told the Sunday Times that Meghan will use the interview to, “get her voice back.” Did she ever have one, really? She was a cable actress and a game show hottie, what kind of voices do those bring to the table?

Now the dignified Royals must wait and see what sort of verbal bombs are lobbed their way, on top of the ones the pair have already thrown at the hapless family. They have publicly criticized the queen for being an ineffectual leader of the Commonwealth and have insisted the palace was filled with “vipers” determined to thwart them.

The interview was filmed days before The Queen removed Harry and Meghan’s royal patronages because as she correctly noted, a ‘life of public service’ is not compatible with the couple’s guns-blazing, strategy to gobble up every last dollar lining the streets of Hollywood.

Royal Family News – The Markle’s Have a New Queen

That statement must have hit a nerve with the young couple who think the world of themselves because they retorted a typically bratty response; ‘service is universal’, a dig royal sources called ‘horribly disrespectful’.

Of the controversial Queen Oprah interview, the insider spilled, “Having an institutional voice within the royal family wasn’t enough [for Meghan]. This interview will be the loudest way she’ll get her voice back.” Why, did someone take it from her? Maybe she is confusing her tiny voice with the centuries old, significant voices she lived among during her short stay in the UK. It wasn’t that you didn’t have a voice, Meghan, yours wasn’t resounding enough, it lacked gravitas, experience, education and authority. This voice you plan on debuting next, will it be all sound and fury?

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