Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Snubbed By Prince Charles, Again

The royal wars continue to wage, or at least that’s what the royal fans think. Ever since the famous and equally infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey blew up, it’s like there’s a magnifying glass placed above the royal family just waiting for them to explode so that the world could get an in-depth look into what makes a real-life royal rumble.

So far, that hasn’t happened. Not even when Prince Harry flew back to London for his grandfather’s funeral which took place last month. The brothers made headlines as they were spotted talking amicably with each other. Many media sources classified it as “brothers united in grief”. And for a while, that story rang true for most of the royal fans. Reports also stated that Prince William and his younger brother Harry had a sit-down with their father Prince Charles.

For a while, all seemed like it was starting to calm down for the royal family and there was not going to be a showdown as was previously speculated until rumors started spilling that the brothers “acted” like all was well with them because they were “conscious of the media”. Whatever was the reason between the brothers amicably chatting together like brothers, it’s all up to speculations because no one can read another’s mind.

But the latest that’s gotten the crowd boiling over, once again may I add, is the omission of Meghan Markle’s name and picture from Prince Charles and Camila, Duchess of Cornwell’s birthday post to the Sussexes firstborn child.

Omission of Meghan Markle from Prince Charles’ Archie’s Birthday Post

In Archie’s birthday post, there isn’t a mention of the Duchess of Sussex, who, by the way, made unproven accusations against the royal family, citing that some unnamed member of the royal family made racial comments against her then-unborn son.

It was reported, at the time, that Prince Harry and his father Prince Charles had a brief falling out with each other, and as the Duke of Sussex revealed in a later interview, he did get to talk to his brother after he and Meghan’s Oprah interview, but there was no reasonable conclusion.

So people obviously expect Prince Charles to be mad and blame Meghan for trying to tear his sons apart. This speculation was somehow more or less confirmed when Prince Charles and Camila, Duchess of Cornwell, posted a picture of Prince Charles with his son Prince Harry and his grandson Archie, and Meghan’s face was nowhere near it.

Of course, fans jumped on the evidence, or something, declaring that it was a clear snub to Meghan. “Rude! He has a mom!” one fan blasted, with another asking Prince Charles if the picture he shared was the only picture of Archie that he possessed.

Archie also got birthday wishes from his Uncle and Aunt Prince William and Kate Middleton, who hasn’t seen him for months since he moved with his family to California last summer. The Queen also wished her great-grandson a happy birthday.

Archie’s got more than his birthday to celebrate because apart from his mom launching her very first children’s book, he’s also getting a baby sister who will arrive sometime this summer.

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