Royal Family News: Kate Middleton NEVER Tries To Steal Prince William’s Thunder

Royal Family News: Kate Middleton NEVER Tries To Steal Prince William’s ThunderBritish royal family news shows that the Cambridge family is under worldwide scrutiny every day as Prince William and Kate Middleton represent the monarchy during official events. Their presence was especially reassuring during the coronavirus pandemic when they made a whistle stop train tour of the country.

Despite their global popularity not everyone has kudos for the couple. His own brother Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle are their biggest, most vocal detractors, as they made clear in a since discredited mudfest interview with Oprah Winfrey. That interview aired on March 7.

Despite what the Sussexes claimed about the Cambridges, one royal expert has nothing but praise for them, particularly the way in which Kate does not try to take the shine away from William in public.

Royal Family News – Kate Middleton Has Decorum In Spades

Since the interview it has been said that William was left particularly upset by his brother’s drama, especially with Meghan slinging mud at Kate at least twice.

Thus it was reported that William has been leaning on Kate who has been described as a, “pillar of strength.”
A source told Us Weekly, ‘Kate is a natural leader who has a magnificent ability to remain composed, even during the most challenging situations.”

Royal Family News – Kate Middleton Has Been A Pillar Of Strength

This week it was also reported that Kate is careful not to overshadow her husband in any way.

Royal expert Penny Junor told The Sunday Times, “Charles was Prince of Wales and not used to having the limelight taken from him. That caused huge problems. Kate is being very careful to ensure she doesn’t outstrip William. She is not on an ego trip, and her head has not been turned by celebrity.”

Royal Family News – The Cambridge Family Is Under Scrutiny

Junor added, “Kate is a working woman doing a job. She didn’t leave the human race when she joined Planet Windsor.”

In other news, Piers Morgan, who has been overtly affected by the sensationalized claims of Meghan and Harry, rubbished many of their boasts last night during an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox. Additionally, he said that he was told to apologize or leave his high-profile host position on Good Morning Britain after he said he disagreed with the Markle’s comments.

He chose to leave rather than apologize then went on to destroy five claims made by the couple that were subsequently proved false.

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