Royal Family News: Harry Has Ditched His Accent, Desperate To Fit In and Be Liked

Royal Family News: Harry Has Ditched His Accent Because He Is So Desperate To Fit InBritish royal family news reveals that Prince Harry is going to extremes to fit in with his new Hollywood persona. According to one speech expert, he is actually dropping his English accent, just like he dropped his family, to “fit in better and be liked.”

Notoriously private Harry went on Dax Shepherd’s Armchair Expert podcast and proceeded to talk about his private life in intimate detail. As he babbled along, one speech expert noticed another peculiarity—Harry doesn’t sound like he used to.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry is Talking Like An American

Is Harry selling out the Queen’s speech like he sold out his royal role and military titles? Communication expert Emma Serlin listened to Harry and declared that the Brit has added an American sound to his speech.

She told Femail, “It’s not so much that he’s developed an American accent but more that he is adapting his. For example, dropping his Ts… and use of Americanisms.”

“This softening of his own accent is really his psychology at play… He has a strong desire to be liked and to connect.”

“When we adjust our accents to make people feel comfortable, it’s a way of reaching out and saying ‘I’m like you.’ It’s about being accessible.”

Royal Family News – What Does Prince Harry Sound Different Now?

The language expert added of Harry’s apparent desperate need to fit in, “Dropping Ts is something many people with heightened or neutral RP accents will do to fit in or connect better with the people they are speaking to.”

“This softening of his own accent is really his psychology at play – he’s a younger sibling with a rebellious streak who has inherited his mother’s people’s skills.”

Emma said that she first noticed the changing of his accent when he was in the military.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Is Adapting His Accent

During his chat the hosts told Harry they thought he’d be, “stiff and royal,” and actually he was “fun and a real dude.” Emma explained that Harry must have been in hog heaven as, “It’s always been how he’s wanted to be perceived.” Emma also noted, “In terms of his use of Americanisms in his language, rather than being ingratiating or inauthentic, this could be seen as being culturally respectful.”

“Harry’s softened accent and use of language show he’s more driven to connect, fit in, be liked, not be separate from than he is to keep hold of his cultural identity.”

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