Royal Family News: Desperate Queen Elizabeth Breaches Tradition To Save Royal Family

British royal family news divulges that dignified and stately Queen Elizabeth sent tremors through Buckingham Palace after she broke royal protocol in a big way. But there was a good reason she had to bust up the tradition of the monarchy and we have the scoop for you here!

Her reason had to do with her forefathers’ legacy and we think she did the absolute right thing.

Royal Family News – Queen Elizabeth Breached Protocol in Attempt to Save Family Legacy

Queen Elizabeth is the world’s longest reigning monarch and she has seen and done a lot during her reign as the UK sovereign. She does not suffer fools gladly and she has proven that in how she handled her grandson Prince Harry’s latest childish antics.

Much earlier, in 2014, the British monarch was forced to make another bold move and for a long time her actions remained under wraps. It was said that she was ‘desperately sad’ for certain events unfold in the UK in 2014.

Royal Family News – What Happened In The United Kingdom in 2014?

She watched as United Kingdom appeared to break down in 2014. At the time she simply had to let voters know her personal thoughts. This goes against the longstanding tradition of remaining mum on political matters, and yet the queen thought the situation dire enough that she must speak out.

Channel 5’s Secrets of the Royal Palaces narrator Samantha Bond said, “Despite any feelings she might have, the Queen must hold an impartial position. Her personal views are not supposed to feature.”

And yet in the midst of this time honored tradition, “But the threat of the breakup of the United Kingdom called for desperate measures, as David Cameron [British PM] later admitted.”

“David Cameron later insisted that he hadn’t asked her to do anything unconstitutional. On Sunday September 14, with four days remaining before the vote, the Queen stopped to speak to the crowd.”

Royal Family News – The Queen Has Been Forced To Break Royal Protocol

“As the Queen exchanged a few words with the crowd, she made an unusual comment before leaving.”

This is explained further by royal commentator Emily Andrews who said, “The Queen said, ‘I hope the people think very carefully.'”

In recent days she has once again had to make a jaw dropping statement, this time to declare that her rebel grandson and his wife Meghan Markle are no longer working members of the royal family.

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