Kate Middleton May Be Away From Her Kids, but She Sweetly Holds Them Close To Her Heart

Kate Middleton The Cambridges’ mini-tour of Scotland, which officially kicked off on Monday when Kate Middleton joined her husband, has finally come to a close. And while we may miss it already, especially since the royal couple had the perfect date and reminisced about old times when they visited St. Andrews University (the spot where they originally met almost 20 years ago), there’s been some fun and happy memories. For example, the Duchess of Cambridge is no DJ, and I think the Duke of Cambridge agrees with me.

On the final day of the tour, Kate Middleton rocked a beautiful necklace sweetly dedicated to all three of her children.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Honors Her Children Through Custom-made Jewelry

The royal looked dapper and like a true boss lady on Thursday, the final day of their Scotland tour, but she also opted for something that’s personal and highly close to her heart: her beautiful children, or more accurately, the beautiful names of her beautiful children.

Kate wore the new custom-made necklace to visit Starbank Park in Edinburgh to do some gardening, which by the way the Duchess is a huge fan of, having been passed on the love from her mother.

The new necklace turned out to be a Gold Alphabet Necklace, designed by Daniella Draper, and featuring the first initial of the three royal children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

The necklace complemented her casual ensemble: a green blazer over a white polka-dotted blouse with matching trousers.

Kate Middleton’s Love For Customized Jewelries

This is not the first time that the 39-year-old Duchess has literally kept her kids close to her heart with a custom-made necklace complete with the royal children’s initials. In January 2020, Kate stepped out in public wearing a gold necklace featuring a round pendant engraved with the initials “G,” “C” and “L” for George, Charlotte, and Louis. The necklace was believed to be a customized Gold Midnight Moon necklace from Daniella Draper, available for purchase online for $1,400.

“The Duchess of Cambridge is an incredible role model — I look up to her as a young woman and a mother,” Draper told PEOPLE at the time. “Seeing her wearing one of my designs was a very proud moment. Everyone in the workshop thinks it’s just amazing. It’s good morale!”

“It’s a piece that I designed with myself in mind,” the designer added. “I wear it every day, as does my mom and sister. It’s becoming one of our best sellers and it can be personalized in so many ways.”

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