GH News: Ingo Rademacher Sues ABC Over Vaccine Mandate

General Hospital: Ingo RademacherGeneral Hospital star Ingo Rademacher, who never seems to not be causing some kind of controversy on social media and in his work actions, is now taking his controversial, stir-things-up mentality to court as he sues ABC/Disney for the vaccine mandate he believes cost him his job on the soap. He had a choice to get vaccinated and did not, which violated company policy so he was no longer allowed to work for ABC.

General Hospital  News – Ingo Rademacher Sues ABC in Los Angeles Court

In Rademacher’s filing in a Los Angeles court, he claims ABC’s vaccine mandate is unconstitutional, while the United States Supreme Court disagrees and has already thrown out cases this year in which students have sued colleges for vaccine mandates. Private institutions have the right to mandate vaccines of any sort if they so choose and employees have the right not to comply. They just have to find new employment if they do not.

“ABC does not have the authority to force a medical treatment to its employees against their will,” the lawsuit states. “These actions constitute religious discrimination and violate Mr. Rademacher’s rights under state and federal law.”

Rademacher claims he applied for a religious exemption against taking vaccines, but did not specify which religion makes him believe he is exempt. In the past, he never used his religion to advocate against vaccines. He just spread the misinformation that they do not work and wondered what was in the shots protecting people from dying of COVID-19.

“This case is about freedom, including freedom of religion and the right to privacy that all Californians have under our state constitution,” Rademacher’s lawyer said in a statement to People. “Cases decided a hundred years ago don’t change that. The world has evolved since then. The law has evolved since then. We look forward to litigating those issues in court.”

General Hospital News – Jasper Jax Jacks Is No Longer In The GH Building

Rademacher’s character, Jasper ‘Jax’ Jacks was not important to the storyline anyway, which is how the show so easily wrote him out by sending him back to his native Australia. Nobody has even missed him since he’s been gone. Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays to see if Jax ever steps foot in Port Charles again.

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