EastEnders Spoilers: Scarlett’s Disappearance Leads To Danger For The Slatters

EstEndersEastEnders spoilers and updates hint that Things may become a little more difficult for Kat as Scarlett and Tommy get closer. As viewers know, Kat was concerned about Tommy recently as she learned that he was in contact with someone online but not knowing who he was in contact with. She assumed that the person he was in contact with was an older woman and when Tommy went missing, she feared the worse as she thought that he was meeting with someone who may have had bad intentions for him. However, after tracking him down, she learned that he was meeting up with a young girl by the name of Scarlett.

EastEnders Spoilers – Tommy Moon Learns the Truth

Scarlett says that she had reached out to Tommy to get help due to her being in the foster care system. During their conversation, Tommy promised Scarlett that she would be able to come live with them instead. However, Kat is against the idea and tells Tommy that she can not take Scarlett in. In reality, she hiding a secret from Tommy that the girl he thinks is his cousin is really his sister. Kat tried to figure out if she would tell him or continue to keep it a secret. In upcoming episodes, runaway Scarlett and Tommy will continue to grow closer to each other as Kat decides to tell Tommy the truth about his relationship with Scarlett. Kat tells Tommy that Scarlett is actually his half sister.

EastEnders Updates – Tommy Moon And Scarlett Butcher Run Into Trouble

Upon discovering the news, Tommy becomes more and more determined to get Scarlett away from her mom, Janine who has come back to the Square. Janice is searching for her runaway daughter. After seeing Janice’s behavior towards the people of the Square, Kat understands why Scarlett does not want to go with Janice and is determined to help. This leads Kat to make a major decision and she decides to become Scarlett’s legal carer so that Janice would not be able to have access to Janine.

On the other hand, Billy who has a soft spot for Janine gives her his support. Janine tells him that she might just give up on trying to bring Scarlett home and might decide to leave Walford without her. Things take turn for the worse as Janice arrives to the Slatter home and gets into a scuffle with the two siblings, Scarlett and Tommy. This scuffle results in a fire starting in the Kitchen.

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