Eastenders Spoilers: Could Tommy Moon Have A Diagnosable Condition?

EastEnders: Tommy Moon (Shay Crotty)BBC EastEnders spoilers reveal that young Tommy Moon (Shay Crotty) was keeping his being bullied at school a secret. Tommy has twin brothers, Ernie Moon (Cody Briffett) and Bert Moon (Elliot Briffett) and his mom is Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace).

His mother is returning to the Square later this year, and we may see the real reason the boy is struggling to fit in at school.

EastEnders spoilers – Kush Kazemi Has Tried To Help Tommy Moon

Kush Kazemi (Davood Ghadami) was left to keep the family going and he had help from Jean Slater (Gillian Wright). The boy told Kush that he was bullied at school in part because he was getting behind with schoolwork.

We never found out why Tommy was having problems with his schoolwork. Kush told Tommy that everything would be ok.

Now that Kush has been watching Tommy during the lockdown and helping him intently, will he see a need to call for professional help?

EastEnders spoilers – Does Kush Kazemi Need To Call For Assistance With Tommy Moon?

We know that when the soap comes back from hiatus, there will be a time jump as the characters of Walford come out of lockdown.

Is it possible that Kush suspects that Tommy needs more assistance than he can give and takes him for testing? Some fans are speculating that Tommy has dyslexia and that this is behind his school difficulties.

EastEnders Spoilers – Does Tommy Moon Have Dyslexia?

If this is the case it would explain the boy’s troubles. His falling behind could be addressed with the correct diagnosis if he has dyslexia. Then again, the boy may be depressed or anxious or suffer from any number of issues. With professional help, they should be able to get to the bottom of what may be troubling Tommy.

And, this could be the storyline which brings Kat back to town after actress Jessie Wallace has been confirmed to be back filming after a departure from the set earlier this year.

David spoke about her comeback in the most recent Secrets From The Square episode, the spinoff series which is airing while the show scurries to produce new episodes. It ran out of original content when filming was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

About his character, he said, “Kush’s experience in lockdown is very, very different. So he’s in 31 with all the kids, with Jean, with Mo, with Shirley… and we also have Kat back, so they actually spend lockdown together.”

When Kat returns, will she see up-close how much Tommy is struggling?

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