EastEnders Spoilers: Chelsea Receives Shocking Proposal From Gray

EastEnders: Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams)EastEnders Spoilers hint that Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) be in for a major shock when she is asked a big question from her ex, Gray. In an interview with Zaraah Abraham, she tells viewers more about the upcoming event that will be taking place next week. It seems that in a scene that will air next week, viewers see a tipsy Gray who out of the blue decides to ask Chelsea for her to marry him. In a surprise turn of events, she decides to say yes to him even though she is shocked that he would even ask her that.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Chelsea Fox’s Future With Gray Atkins

In the interview Zaraah talks more about how Chelsea is feeling, “She’s so shocked. She’s fully aware that she’s pregnant with his baby and they have been getting on really well, and both been taking a mature approach to what they’re going to do in the future.”

“If that was to go somewhere then fine, but I don’t think she feels that they are there yet. She is really shocked and then it’s a matter of whether she’s going to decide to go with what she thinks is the right thing to do or she takes the opportunity for stability…”

Viewers may not know if this relationship will last espeically with Gray’s murderous past that she is not aware of. It seems that Gray’s past will be exposed but will it be exposed before the wedding and what role will Chelsea play? The soap star adds, “I think she thinks they could work towards being a happy family but obviously there’s obstacles in the way, one of them being herself.”

Coronation Street Spoilers – Chelsea Fox Worries About Motherhood

“She’s afraid of commitment and settling down but also it’s the quick way. The quick way is so attractive to her, so to fight that initial feeling of yeah let’s do it and think no, let’s do it properly and let’s take our time. She’s constantly in two minds.”

“She’s not with Gray and she doesn’t have a home of her own but I think she’s positive. It’s motivating her to sort things out in her life. She’s slightly anxious but she’s looking forward to actually doing this, to being a mum, and finally proving to everyone that she’s not as bad as they think. She’s looking forward to making the most of the opportunity.”

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