DOOL Spoilers: Was Ben Right To Kidnap Ciara? Vote Now!

Days Of Our Lives: Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson)Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal a furious Ciara begging Ben to let her go and marry Theo when the soap returns from the Olympic break. Was Ben right to kidnap Ciara against her will or should he have been more patient? You tell us!

Days Of Our Lives – Back In Time To Bo Brady And Hope Brady

Days of Our Lives took us on a bit of a time machine ride before the soap left us for two weeks for the Tokyo Olympics. Ciara (Victoria Konefal) was in her gown all set to marry a man nobody around her wanted her to wed and then Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) swooped in and made sure that didn’t happen. No, he didn’t drag her out of the church and onto a stolen police motorcycle, but he did make sure he’d be her driver on the way to the church. As her driver, he took her in the opposite direction to make sure she’d never make it down the aisle.

In 1984, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) kicked and screamed and finally melted into Bo’s (Peter Reckell) arms when he chased her through a park and kissed her. That kiss was enough to do it, but Hope was also not suffering from amnesia like Ciara is. And she certainly wasn’t trying to block from her mind the fact that she had been married to a reformed serial killer.

Still, Ben has run out of patience and feels if Ciara would just be with him for a little while with no disruptions, he can get her to remember.

DOOL Spoilers – Should Ben Weston Have Let Ciara Brady Make Her Own Decisions?

Although Ciara would have been marrying Theo (Cameron Johnson) not remembering she was ever in love with Ben, maybe that was still her choice to make. Maybe she would still eventually remember and Ben should have waited by forcing her to spend time with him against her will. We are long past the 1980s when it was ok for men to kidnap women in the name of love. Perhaps even without memories, women should be left to make their own decisions. Did Ben do the right thing stopping Ciara from marrying Theo or did he violate her rights by making a decision for her? Let us know in the Days of Our Lives poll below.

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