Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: Tripp And Allie Need Serious Help – Pauline’s Secret Plan

Days Of Our Lives: Allie (Lindsay Arnold) Tripp (Lucas Adams) Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for Tuesday, June 8, 2021, in Salem Tripp having suspicions and Allie having conflicting thoughts.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Will Tripp Dalton Solve The Gwen Problem?

Tripp (Lucas Adams) has seen enough at the hospital and is sure Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien) is scheming with Dr. Snyder. He has no idea Snyder is blackmailing her but he knows something strange is going on between them. He’s heard stories about Gwen before and they weren’t very nice so he thinks this has to be solved. Besides. Dr. Snyder works at the hospital so if he is doing something unethical, it must be stopped.

To that end, he goes to the Chief of Staff, who also happens to be his stepmother. He tells her his suspicions and of course, Kayla’s (Mary Beth Evans) interest is piqued. After all, she runs the hospital and this woman did hurt her niece, Abigail (Marci Miller).

Allie Has A Dilemma

Allie (Lindsay Arnold) is at a crossroads in her life. She wants to be a good mom, has a good career, and really likes Tripp (Lucas Adams). However, she can’t forget that kiss with Chanel (Precious Way) and now Chanel wants to go into business with her. What’s a girl to do?

Well, turn to her psychiatrist grandmother, of course. Allie goes to Marlena (Deidre Hall) for advice and doesn’t even know where to start. Should she become an entrepreneur? Should she pursue a romance with Tripp when she can’t get Chanel off her mind? It’s a good thing Marlena is a good listener and therapist who helped Will (Chandler Massey) with his feelings when he first developed them for Sonny (Freddie Smith).

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Paulina’s Price Secret Plan

Now that Paulina (Jackee Harry) is back in town, she and Abe (James Reynolds) are growing closer once again. He is smitten with this flashy woman who says whatever she thinks. Or maybe almost whatever she thinks. She decides not to tell the Salem mayor her plans for Horton Square. This is probably because he would object to these plans that could very well anger and shake up the entire town. Is Paulina more trouble than anyone even imagines. Stay tuned to Days of Our Lives weekdays to see how these stories play out.

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