90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Has Brandon Gibbs’ Love Life Gone To The Dogs?

TLC 90 Day Fiancé: Brandon Gibbs, Julia Trubkina!90 Day Fiancé spoilers tease that Brandon Gibbs’ love life might just have gone to the dogs, in a cute Instagram video made for Valentine’s Day with his 90 Day Fiancé partner Julia Trubkina!

TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Brandon Gibbs Appears Unclothed In Bed As Does Julia Trubkina

The video, taken quite close up doesn’t reveal anything x-rated, but 90 Day Fiance’s Brandon and perhaps Julia both appear nude as Brandon laughs! He is lying in bed as Julia smothers his one cheek in kisses while a German Shepherd puppy smothers his other cheek with “kisses!”

He comments “love who loves you back” and wishes fans a Happy Valentine’s Day, and Julia commented it was her favorite video! With the motion blur on the sides of the video it’s a little hard to see where Julia ends and Brandon begins, and an even bigger mystery is who is on the other end of the camera! It could have been done on a phone with a selfie stick with one of them holding it up above them but the camera angles would have been really tricky!

One clever 90 Day Fiance fan commented the entire set of lyrics to the old Green Acres show, and it would be easy to draw that comparison although neither Brandon nor Julia would be old enough to remember the show. It ran in the mid 1960s and starred Eddie Albert as a big city lawyer whose heart was in the country, and he moved his city girl wife, played by Eva Gabor, to a ramshackle farmhouse so Oliver Wendell Douglas, Eddie Albert’s character’s name, could live his dream of being a farmer! Lisa Douglas, Eva Gabor’s character’s name adored her New York City penthouse view of Park Avenue and was allergic to smelling hay.

It was quite the difficult adjustment for Lisa to move to the farm where the nearest big city was called Hooterville! Thankfully for Julia’s sake, Dinwiddie, Virginia is nothing like Hooterville and the Gibbs’ farm and the house are in much better shape than that of Oliver and Lisa Douglas’!

TLC 90 Day Fiancé – Brandon Gibbs And Julia Trubkina Are Obviously Still Together

Viewers of 90 Day Fiancé will recall that in one of the most recent episodes that Brandon talked his mother and father into letting he and Julia stay in the same room, after threatening to move out! It is impossible to tell whether this close-up video was in that room or if by now they have indeed gotten their own place.

90 Day Fiancé couples are all under a non-disclosure contract that limits what they can say about themselves and their situations before the season ends, and a tell-all is filmed where they talk about what happened during the previous season. Julia was on a K1, in other words 90 day visa which means they would have had to have gotten married within 90 days of her arrival in America.

On 90 Day Fiance, they are around the 70 day mark, so it would have been only 20 days, less than a month, that Julia was tiring of doing farm chores and every aspect of her life, including her love life, having been controlled by the iron fists of Ron and Betty Gibbs, Betty in particular! Fans can probably expect that Brandon and Julia did indeed marry within the 90 days as the law required, although whether they have their own place now remains to be seen!

Stay tuned to 90 Day Fiancé on TLC, and keep checking 90 Day Fiancé spoilers frequently for all the latest news, updates and developments!

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