The Young and The Restless: Jason Thompson Dishes On Billy’s Storyline – Says He’s Having Fun

The Young and the Restless - Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott)Jason Thompson has given his two cents regarding the current storyline of his character, Billy Abbott, on “The Young and the Restless.” His alter ego may have been getting on the nerves of other people but the actor is definitely having fun.

Thompson said that the storyline was interesting. He felt like he was responsible, along with the show writers, to highlight how Billy changed. He explained that his character’s evolution is necessary because viewers don’t like to see the same things.

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The actor continued to explain that Billy is experiencing all these things “to get to a place that makes sense to him. That’s not a short story, that takes time.”

That’s hard to do because it’s a lot of self-acknowledgment and work, so it takes a while. That’s the beauty of the medium that we’re in, things can unravel a little slower,” Thompson shared.

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The actor added that he better understood Billy’s current dilemma just recently after having an evening to himself. He shared that during that evening, his wife was sick, his children were asleep, and he didn’t have work to do. So he decided to watch a few episodes that were filmed months ago.

It gave him an interesting point of view of what was really happening. “I got to see how my story really played out. Usually, I only see it through Billy’s perspective, but this time, I got to see what we’re trying to say about him as told through Victoria’s story. I saw it from both sides,” the actor said.

Thomspon emphasized that Billy is trying his best. He admitted that he alter ego wasn’t great but he’s not afraid to give it a try and wants to live more honestly. He also reported that Billy’s story has kept him on his toes and helped him in his personal life.

“Every day I have my ear open for Billy-isms or little quotes to myself but it’s something I can use and go-to for understanding him. That part has been so much fun,” he explained.

When asked if the character will ever find himself, the actor simply shrugged and said, “I don’t know if he ever will flip that switch or if he even wants to. He’s struggling to find out who that person is in his world and I appreciate that struggle.”

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