The Young and the Restless: Billy and Lily Forced To Work Together – Disastrous Results Ahead?

The Young and the Restless: Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) On “The Young and the Restless,” Jill Abbott’s (Jess Walton) job offer demands that Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) work together at the new media division at Chancellor Industries. With Billy wanting to be the sole boss and Lily wanting to reclaim her life in Genoa City, will the pair be the perfect business duo that Jill envisioned them to be?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers – Jill Abbott’s Mysterious Job Offer To Lily Winters and Billy Abbott

It all starts when Jill asks Billy to head up Chancellor’s media division. Jill is planning to head with Newman Enterprises and she needs Billy’s help, which the latter will deliver. At first, he thinks his mom just wants to keep him busy but he eventually decides to accept the job offer. Of course, Jill will be excited but what Billy didn’t know was that there’s a catch.

Billy finds out that he needs to work with someone and it’s no other than Lily Winters Winters (Christel Khalil). Jill believes they are a perfect match. Billy has lots of great ideas but sometimes he tends to go too far. With Lily around, she’ll have someone to keep Billy in check. Plus, Lily’s his friend and they could make a great team. Jill has high hopes that they can make the new division the best it can be.

Y&R Spoilers – Show Boss Drops Hint On New Storyline

Executive producer Josh Griffith has something to say about the new storyline.

The show boss teased, “Billy and Lily both see the opportunity to operate Chancellor Communications as a fresh start. Billy has attempted to rise above his issues and develop a new identity. Lily is ready to reclaim her life in Genoa City but with a new perspective.

Viewers may recall that Lily spent some time in jail for distracted driving that led to the death of Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan). During her time in the joint, she found a new passion, which is to help women prisoners. A lot of things have happened in her life including her divorce with Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) and Neil’s death. All these made her realize that she wanted to help the less fortunate. After going away for some time, she returned to her hometown eager to start a new life. Jill’s offer could very well be the perfect time for her.

Griffith added that Lily’s support is something that Billy may need at this point in his life. He didn’t get that much support when he broke up with Victoria. So, having an old friend and old flame by his side could be good for him.

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