Shocking Gifts The Royal Family Receives – What You Need to Know!


If you thought dad ties were tops on the list of gifting boo-boos, wait until you get a peek at the items the royal family has been gifted in the past year. Sure, some are genuinely nice and no doubt welcome, but some are downright puzzling. Do you think the queen regifts her swag? Yeah, probably not.

A list shows what the queen and others have received from good-intentioned well-wishers

According to a listing made public this week, the royals have received a wide assortment of tchotchkes from various dignitaries no doubting wishing to impress a family that has everything.

To be fair, some are kind of cool—like the 24-carat gold-plated horse comb gifted to the queen by Slovenian President Borut Pahor.

On a fun note, Le Régiment de la Chaudière in Canada gifted a bottle of gin and two glasses.

Chinese president, Xi Jinping gave the queen a book commemorating the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, just one of several tomes on a wide range of subjects.

Showing he’s no slouch, president Donald Trump gave the queen custom made leather chest with a 24-carat gold seal of, who else but himself, and a Tiffany sterling silver and red silk poppy.

The Littlest Royal Also Made Out Like A Bandit

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s son, Archie, also received some priceless mementos, like a bunch of stuffed animals during his visit to Africa, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu gave him two children’s books.

The tot was also the recipient of brown leather lederhosen, a hat, blanket and teddy bear from German officials.

What Did The Duke And Duchess Of Cornwall Receive?

The Duchess of Cornwall was gifted from a German official a sample sexual assault evidence-gathering kit. The governor-general of the Solomon Islands gave the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall two shell money necklaces and for Charles a wooden war club.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Were Also On The Receiving End

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Pakistan and were showered with presents. During that time they collected a few Chitral hats, plenty of shawls as well as other traditional clothing items.

For the kids–Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis–the couple were given cricket bats.

After a jaunt to for Kuwait and Oman, William returned home with a ceremonial ax, two watches, several bottles of perfume, and two bisht which are traditional robes.

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