Prince Harry’s Foster Father is Throwing his Birthday Bash This Year

On September 15 Prince Harry turns 36 and the party is already being planned by his Foster father. Prince Charles won’t be able to make it across the pond, but that’s ok, he has a new father figure who will see to it that he has a proper birthday party, complete with a fire pit, here in his adopted homeland.

According to the Mirror, a source says that there won’t be, “a royal insight’ at the big shindig being put together for Harry by music producer David Foster who has five biological kids; does this mean Harry is now a Foster child?

Prince Harry’s big birthday bash is being thrown by David Foster

Foster has been called a “father figure” to Harry and apparently he takes that title seriously. Sadly, Harry’s bio dad, Prince Charles, his brother Prince William and the rest of the royals are “unlikely” to be in attendance the source said, not indicating if that is because they weren’t invited or if it is merely a COVID inconvenience.
In case his family is wondering, Harry’s party is reportedly set for September 15, and will be at Foster’s Los Angeles home. Foster is married to singer Katharine McPhee who attended the same high school as Harry’s wife Meghan.

Meghan Markle and Katherine McPhee were students together in high school

Also absent from the big to-do is Meghan’s famously estranged father Thomas. The source noted, “David wants to make it special for Harry but also keep it casual and low-key with some fine wine, great food and intimate company.” And no family apparently!

“He is setting aside the fire pit at his home plus the whole outdoor area, which security will cordon off.” Wouldn’t want any interlopers invading the fire pit now, would we?

The source went on, “The small gathering will also include his daughters Erin and Sara and their husbands. They are around the same age as Harry and Meghan.”

David Foster is planning a special party for his Foster son Prince Harry

But wait, the source has much more juicy gossip to spill about the Markles! “David has been helping to connect the Sussexes so they can create a group of close friends and feel more comfortable in LA.”

It was McPhee who initially gushed about her husband and Harry’s bond, enthusing, “David has got a really beautiful relationship with Harry. They’re so cute, like father and son.”

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